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October 2011 Announcement
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Occupy is Fighting for Justice and Your Rights!

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you.  Then you win."

Global Awareness = Global Solidarity = Global Justice = Global Freedom

We Are Here
We Are Everywhere We Are Not Leaving
We Are the Wake Up Call
We've Been Hard At Work We Are Changing The World
Attack Us, and We Multiply
Infiltrate Us, and We Evolve You Can't Arrest or Evict an Idea

Lie About Us, and We Expose You!

Time Magazine Names the 'Person of the Year for 2011' :

Time Magazine
The Protester

Linguists of The American Dialect Society Chooses 2011's Word of the Year :

The Occupy Movement Described on the Charlie Rose Program

   Part 1       Part 2   
Occupy on Charlie Rose Part 1 VideoOccupy on Charlie Rose Part 2 Video

Lobbying Firm's Memo Exposed! - Plot to Undermine the 'Occupy Wall Street' Movement

Plot Against OWS Movement

"We the People of Occupy"

Occupy Solidarity

It's time to take back our Democracy and Freedom of Speech.  The United States is no longer a true Democracy, it is now a Plutocracy.  You either care about it, or you don't. 

Start educating yourself on the topics, issues, and groups that have been at the core of eroding our Democracy and Free Speech.  Start fighting back, before there is nothing left for you to defend and fight for.

You owe it to yourself, your children, the ones you love, and to your Country to stand up, be counted and make  your voice heard.  You have a moral, ethical, and humanitarian responsibility to make America and the world a better place, and to stop all the lies, and constant bullshit (you know, the statue of the bull outside the New York Stock Exchange Building).

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of

Occupy Wall Street
Occupy Your Rights!

Occupy Solidarity

"The notion that a radical is one who hates his country is naive and usually idiotic.  He is more likely one who likes his country more than the rest of us, and is therefore more disturbed than the rest of us when he sees it debauched.  He is not a bad citizen turning to crime, he is a good citizen, driven to despair."
-H. L. Mencken

"Man did not enter society to be worse off, or to have fewer rights, but rather to have those rights better secured."
-Thomas Paine

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing."
-Albert Einstein

"The duty of a patriot is to protect his country from its government."
-Thomas Paine

Protest Songs

"We the People"

I am the 99%  Vs  I am the 1%

We Are Everywhere
Hey, Wall Street
Hey Banker, Hey Banker
The 99%
What If You Knew
Why They Fought
It's Been Declined
Bad Apple
Occupy Wall Street
Stand Up Mr. US Buisness Man
Fortunate Son
Happy Holidays
We Are The Many
Across The Universe - Version 1
Across The Universe - Version 2
Across The Universe - Version 3
Dirty Rain
Hey World (Don't Give Up)
Don't Dream It's Over
City On Our Knees
Everybody`s Changing
Smiling Faces
It's A Liberty Walk
Run Through The Jungle
TV News
Anthem for Occupy Wall Street
We Stand As One
For The Love Of Money
Bad Moon Rising
For What It's Worth
Get Louder
Police State
Start From Scratch
99 Percenter
Where Have All The Flowers Gone
The Wall
Eve Of Destruction
In A Gadda Da Vida
Takin' It To The Streets
Occupy Wall Street - 2

Iron Man

Famous Musicians Discuss
the Occupy Movement

Crosby and Nash Interviewed

Crosby and Nash Interview

Jackson Brown Interviewed

Jackson Browne About Occupy Movement

Roger Waters From Pink Floyd

Roger Waters of Pink Floyd

Song From Roger Waters of Pink Floyd

The Tide Is Turning

Arm Yourself with Knowledge
Money in Politics
Plutocracy vs Democracy

"Three great forces rule the world: stupidity, fear and greed."
-Albert Einstein

Park Avenue; Money, Power & the American Dream
Independent Lens
Plutocracy Rising
Moyers & Company
The Issues
Telling it Like it Is!
United States of ALEC.....Exposed!
Moyers & Company
Elections for Sale
Moyers & Company
Koch Brothers Secret Meeting Infiltrated Koch Brothers Money Influences the Tea Party Letters Expose the Koch Brothers
The Hoax of Citizens United
Moyers & Company
Politically Engineered Inequality
Moyers & Company
How the American Economy Was Robbed
The Story of Broke (2011)
Challenging Power, Changing Politics
Moyers & Company
The Resurrection of Ralph Reed
Moyers & Company
The One-Percent Court
Moyers & Company
Corporate Corruption of Our Political System The Corporation The Men Who Crashed The World
How Corporations Took Over Our Democracy The American Ruling Class SPLIT - A Divided House
Wake Up Call to All Americans The American Dream
Abel Raises Cain

Capitalism Out of Control & Corrupted

"Try not to become a man of success.  Rather become a man of value."
-Albert Einstein

Lid Blown Off Wall Street & Investment Banking
Discussion About Wall Street and Main Street
Elizabeth Warren
Economic Collapse Was Predicted
Elizabeth Warren
Banking on Greed
Moyers & Company
Capitalism in Crises?
Charlie Rose
Capitalism's Sacrafice Zones
  Moyers & Company
Discussion of Executive Pay
Elizabeth Warren
Mortgage Scammers
Exposes Countrywide
Mortgage Fraud & Credit Card Protection
Elizabeth Warren
The Problem With the Economy
Robert Reich
Why Unemployment Will Continue to be High
Robert Reich
Schools Kill Creativity
Schools Don't Have to be Boring!
Health & Health Care Problems

Medtronic Parking Billions of Dollars in Offshore Bank Account

Where Your Food Comes From - Food Inc. Monopolized Food Production and Profits The Future of Food
Super Size Me
Hidden Epidemic - Heart Disease In America
Nurses Needed
A Few Health Care Myths Debunked
Elizabeth Warren
Rip Off Dental Care System Exposed!
MN UCare Uses Deceptive Practices
R. L. L.

Pollution, Waste, & Profit Over Safety

"If I were to remain silent, I'd be guilty of complicity"
-Albert Einstein

Scotts Miracle-Gro Fined $12.5 Million Dollars For Knowingly Selling Poisoned Bird Seed

"What You Do, Makes Me Cry At Night." BP Values Profits Over Safety 300 Years of Fossil Fuels
An Explanation of Cap & Trade What Are Everyday Products Doing to You? The Life Cycle of Your Electronics
What Kind of Water Do You Drink? U.S. Water Crises
Polar Bears Discussing Global Warming
The People's Reporting Registry Map
by Consumer Advocate Erin Brockovich
This map depicts the areas where people are reporting the harmful effects of water, air, and soil pollution in their communities.

Police Brutality Used Against Protesters

"Blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth."
-Albert Einstein
Backlash Against NYC for Police Brutality UC Davis Students Pepper Sprayed
84 Year Old Woman Pepper Sprayed
Berkeley Students Viciously Beaten
Marine Veteran Suffers Head Injury by Police
Cop Pushes Protester With Squad Car
Into the Fire - Toronto, Canada
MSNBC Reporter Condemns NYC Police Brutality Interview With Injured Marine Veteran
Retired Police Captain Sides With Occupy
Marine Sgt. Defends NYC Protesters
Creator of Pepper Spray Speaks Out
Daniel Ellsberg Supports Occupy Movement Interview With Iraq War Veteran Ryan Cahill Iraq War Veteran Talks About Cost of War
"Critical Consciousness" - "Our Impact on the World"
Katt Hoban Part 1
"Question Yourself About Your Values and Ethics"
Katt Hoban Part 2
What It's Like to Go to War
Moyers & Company
Your Legal Rights
Know Your Legal Rights
Know When NOT to Talk to The Cops
Cops Will Try to Trick You

FBI Dumpster Divers

I'm Only One Person - What Can I Possibly Do?
An Explanation of Who Ralph Reed is, and How He Operates
Bill Moyers & Michael Winship
R. L. L.
Money in Politics: Where Is the Outrage?
Bill Moyers
The Cowardly Lions of 'Free Speech'
Bill Moyers
Bubble Stock Market
R. L. L.
Time Magazine Names Person of the Year for 2011
The Protester

Why Dr. Arthur Chen Supports the
Occupy Movement

The Cancer of Syria Must Be Eradicated
R. L. L.

Egyptian Military is Perfect Example of Thugs at Work
R. L. L.

MN UCare Uses Deceptive Practices
R. L. L.

MN Companies Parking Billions of Dollars
in Off Shore Bank Accounts

The Short List of the Big, Bad, Banksters
R. L. L.
Congratulations to Oakland on Port Blockade
R. L. L.
A List of Democrat Criminals
A List of Republican Criminals

Religion & Critical Thinking
"It's fine to be open minded, but not so open minded that your brains fall out."
U.S. Presidents and Free Thinkers God In America Growing Up In The Universe
R. L. L.
R. L. L.
The Faith and Freedom Coalition Exposed!
Moyers & Company

Helpful Links
Help for People with Mortgage Problems

Minnesota Home Ownership Council
Can provide helpful advice for people facing possible home foreclosures, and find some resources for people who already lost their home due to hardship.
Ed Nelson (Communications Manager)

Home Ownership Programs and Resources in Minnesota

Free Helpful Fact Sheets for Home Owners in Trouble
Some examples of what is available:

Bankruptcy and Foreclosure FAQ Consumer Alert Loan Modification Fees Facts About Discount Payoffs Foreclosure Sale Postponement FAQ
Home Affordable Modification Program How to Write a Hardship Letter Tips on Talking with Lender Short Sale Considerations
Occupy Wall Street Postponement Affidavit And more... Occupy Wall Street

Hot Topics We've Covered in the Past
We've always been here, where have you been?
Torture Photos out of the Abu Ghraib Hell Hole Prison

Why We Won't Truly Win the Iraq War Hillary Clinton Wants to be President
Bush "Surge" Speech
Quack Mike Brown is Head of Fema
Why Bush Wanted Harriet Miers
US Troops Copy Crazy Schwarzenegger
You Voted for Bush??!!
Bush Believes in Torture

The Issues

Telling it Like it is!

Reporter Tells it Like it Is

Corporate Takeover of Our Democracy and Political System No True Freedom of Speech Because of Citizens United
Wall Street and Banks Continue Their Dirty Dealings Corporations Given Personhood Status
American Corporations Parking Money in Offshore Bank Accounts Continued Home Foreclosures by Banks
Corporate Controlled Mass Media Corporate Pollution of the Environment
Corporate Take-Over of Food Supply Corporate Welfare
Crony Capitalism No Campaign Finance Reform
Medical Providers Placing Profits Over Patient Health and Care Dental Providers Placing Profits Over Patient Health and Care
Pharmaceutical Harm to People Due to Profits Before People No Universal Health Care
Use of Military Tactics to Brutalize Anyone Standing Up for Freedom Continued `Stop and Frisk` Policies
For Profit Prisons Continued Cuts in Education
No Audit of Federal Reserve Passage of NDAA
Passage of HR 1540 Obama Signs Away American's Rights With NDAA!

Obama Approves NDAA Video

Inequality = Expect Us....................................No Justice = Expect Us

You Should Have Expected Us!

Mass Media Misrepresenting the Occupy Movement

So, the things you've heard about Occupy have been negative?  They are a bunch of dirty hippies who need to take a shower and then get a job!  They don't have a message.  They don't have a message worth hearing.  They are the 99%, ......the 99% of what?  They are just a bunch of radicals and they don't represent me.

Well, the mainstream, corporate owned media hasn't been telling you the truth.  That's because they are backed by big Corporate money sponsors, and they've sold out to that money.....instead of the unvarnished truth.  You've been duped by the mainstream media.

This video represents a cross section of people who are a part of the Occupy Movement and exactly what they believe in and stand for.  They gathered from across the nation and met in Solidarity for the Iowa Caucus.  They want true justice across the board, and you don't reduce all of these issues to just one simple minded slogan that you paste on some damn bumper sticker slogan.....like all of the Politicians do.  All of these issues are inter linked and all of them must be addressed in a true democracy!

What Occupy Stands For

What Occupiers Wants

Occupy Connections, Locations, and Citizen Journalists

"The illiterate of the 21st century willl not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn."

Occupy Everywhere

Occupy Solidarity

Global Revolution

What is Global Revolution?

Video of Global Revolution

Occupy TV

The Cancer of Syria Must Be Eradicated

Psychopath Assad of Syria Must Go

March 8, 2012
by R.L.L.

Assad of Syria must be eradicated.  This is the 21st Century, and there is no appetite for dictators anywhere on the globe.  Communication is fast and goes global.  The news about injustice travels within seconds all around the globe now.  There are very few dark corners left for the scum of the earth to hide in any more.

Assad is not a leader.  A true leader doesn't lead by intimidation, fear, and murder.  Only psychopaths do that.  Assad has, and continues to murder men, women, children, and babies.

Assad is a punk.  Assad is a coward.  Assad is a cancer upon the earth.  A few people in his close circle, including some military, have abandoned him.  The others that continue to stand by him are nothing more than cowards, and additional spots of cancer that need to be eradicated along with Assad.

Nobody of any worth will lose sleep over Assad if someone parks a bullet in his diseased brain.  Live as a psychopath, and die as a psychopath!

Good riddance to Assad the Psychopath!  It's only a matter of time Assad, when the world will be rid of you!  The sooner, the better!

Egyptian Military is Perfect Example of Thugs at Work

Egyptian Military Uses Sadistic,
Physical Brutality Against
 Protesting Females

The Egyptian Military is not a friend, nor a defender of the people.  The following video is all the proof needed to reject any idea of allowing the Egyptian Military to represent the Egyptian people in their quest for Freedom, and a more democratic society.  Only fools and jackasses would not fight back against such brutality.

All human beings have the right to defend themselves from acts of barbarity.  Being a Martyr only gets you dead.  In order to defend yourself, there comes a time when you must fight fire with fire.  A bully is a bully, no matter what form they come in or what country they reside in.

Bullies only respect one thing......when you stand up to them and fight back!  If you don't, they will continue brutalizing you, and eventually kill you.  You must have the courage to put all bullies out of circulation.  If anyone tells you otherwise, it's pure bullshit!

Egyptian Military are Thugs

Military Thugs

Fast Access to All Occupy Locations

Worldwide List of Occupy Locations

List of All Live Stream Occupy Locations

Occupy Locations and History Making News Events

Occupy Wall Street NYC

Occupy NYC

Backlash Against NYC Police Department for Using Brutality Against Unarmed Protesters

Marine Sgt. Thomas Defends NYC Protesters from NYC Cops Brutality

Marine Sgt. Thomas to the Rescue

MSNBC Reporter Condemns NYC Police Brutality Used Against Protesters

MSNBC Reporter Mad as Hell

Retired Philadelphia Police Captain Ray Lewis Sides With Occupy

Part 1
Police Captain Ray Lewis Part 1

Retired Philadelphia Police Captain Ray Lewis Sides With Occupy

Part 2
Police Captain Ray Lewis Part 2

November 29, 2011
Pepper Spray Should Not Have Been Used

Pepper Spray Creator Decries Use of Chemical Agent on Peaceful Students and Occupy Wall Street Protesters
More Proof of Fox News Down-playing Use of Pepper Spray and Their Style of Shoddy Reporting!

Inappropriate Use of Pepper Spray

Wrongful Use of Pepper Spray

Roving Independent Freelance Reporters - Ustream

Tim Pool out of NYC - (From The Other 99%)

*Tim travels around to various Occupied locations as events unfold.

Tim Pool a "Journalist Extraordinaire"

Nov. 26, 2011
Tim Pool Interview 1

Tim Pool Talks About The Movement

Nov. 21, 2011
Tim Pool Interview 2

OCCUPY OAKLAND:  The Most Overly Aggressive Police Department

Occupy Oakland

Spencer Mills out of Occupy Oakland

Update - Dec. 11, 2011  Spencer Mills (OakFoSho), was interviewed on KGO Radio concerning the Port shutdown, and Spencer did a fantastic job!
Oakland is famous, in a negative way, for having one of the most brutal militarized Police Departments in the nation!
*Spencer is highly respected for his fearless reporting style, and going right into the front lines of Police Raids of Occupied locations.

Punkboy out of Occupy Oakland

*Punkboy is usually wherever Spencer is.  The both of them can cover a wide area of any scene they are at.

Oakland - Nov, 2011
Marine Veteran Scott Olsen

Seriously Injured by Militarized Oakland Police Department

Marine Veteran Scott Olsen Head Injury
Scott Olsen Shot

Oakland - Dec 2, 2011
Marine Veteran Scott Olsen Interview

Look at what "non lethal" weapons did to him!

Marine Veteran Scott Olsen Interview
Iraq vet Scott Olsen

Monday, Dec. 12, 2011
Called for by Occupy Oakland

San Diego........LA........Oakland........Portland........Tacoma........Seattle
........and others.

In solidarity with the struggles of Longshoreman against EGT and Port Truckers against Goldman Sachs.

Marine Veteran Scott Olsen will join the IVAW Bay Area Chapter to march with the 99% in Oakland, CA...the city whose militarized Police critically injured him.

Do you want to try it a second time Oakland Police Department, or any other PD?  Do you want to risk it?  Are you ready to show the world more of your brutality?  Who do you serve?  We already know who you serve.  You serve your corporately owned and corrupted masters, and you have no honor or credibility of any kind.  We already know which organizations and people got together behind the scenes, on a national level, to coordinate the attacks and raids.

What's your next move?  Will the military be called out, and what do you think the final outcome of that would be?  Will a new law be invoked to label American protesters as "terrorists", so that your corrupted masters can lock them up indefinitely?  Good luck with that.

What do you think the history books will write about you?  Have you ever read a history book?  Probably not.  In your mind, your only "following orders."  You should read up on "only following orders" in a few history books and find out what they have to say about people like you.  It's not very flattering.  And that alone, shows your ignorance as a human being living in the 21st Century.  There is no acceptable excuse for your ignorance.  Ignorance is not an excuse.  It's a "Cop" out.

You Should Have Expected Us!

What can you do?
Learn the issues!
Become Active...........

Occupy Wall Street.Com

Occupy Wall Street.Org

Facebook: Occupy Wall Street
Congratulations to Occupy Oakland Protesters
for Successful Port Blockade!

Occupy Oakland successfully closed down the Port for a second time!  On Dec. 12th, you once again showed the 1%, and the historically brutal Oakland PD, that you mean business......and that it's no longer going to be "business as usual".  They have been put on notice.

Thanks to Spencer for spotting and recording the Riot Police ahead of time.  But it didn't go too good for you Riot Cops, did it?  You were way outnumbered.  How come you didn't attack this time?  What do you think changed for you?  You should be questioning your Corporate Masters about this.  You were all dressed up, with no where to go.  You just looked like the silly bunch of goons that you are.  Once again, you were way overdressed for the party.  But hey, thanks for the laughs you provided to us observers.  You silly little storm troopers!

Do you think the presence of Marine Veteran Scott Olsen being there, as promised, had anything to do with your Corporate Masters not giving you the orders to go in and end the protest, and open up that Port?  Do you think your Corporate Masters backed off because they couldn't risk the negative publicity and backlash that all of you would suffer if you injured Marine Veteran Scott Olsen a second time?

Maybe you Riot Cops should go tear gas your Corporate Masters, for making you look so foolish doing their dirty work for them.

Did you notice that Time Magazine named the Person of the Year as "The Protester"?  They didn't name you Riot Cops nor your Corporate Masters as the "Person of the Year".  If you and your Corporate Masters are in the right, then why did Time Magazine not name you?  Why do you think that is?  You'd better start asking yourself if you're in the right line of work, and on the right side of history.

Check out what Dr. Arthur Chen of Oakland had to say in the Time Magazine about Occupy Oakland.  I suppose you Riot Cops, and your Corporate Masters would like to label him as a dirty hippie too ha?

OCCUPY LA:  Currently Protecting Citizens from Banksters Doing Home Foreclosures

Freedom in LA

*Freedom is becoming a favorite reporter as she covers events from a female perspective.

CrossXBones in LA

*CrossXBones (Skyadams), is covering more direct action events that aren't covered elsewhere.

Iraq War Veteran Ryan Cahill in Boston - (Occupy Boston Media)

*Iraq War Veteran Ryan Cahill covered the recent Boston eviction.  Ryan began coverage after watching and being inspired by Tim Pool (NYC)

Iraq War Veteran Ryan Cahill Talks About Cost of War
Nov. 12, 2011

Ryan Interview 1a

Interview With Iraq War Veteran Ryan Cahill

Ryan Interview 1


Occupy Nashville

An interesting Occupation because one of the Judges in Nashville has sided with the protesters more often than not.


Occupy Minneapolis Website

Occupy Minneapolis, Minnesota Livestream

These are a hearty group of Occupiers fighting cold weather, and taking a stand against home foreclosures, and against the Banksters.

"A Movement for Humanity"
Minnesota Movement for Humanity

July, 2012
by R.L.L.

UCare Pushes Thousands of the Disabled and Poor into UCare Without Express Consent

Ucare has been trying to drum up more business for themselves for some time.  They tried by sending out glossy advertisements designed to entice you into thinking they had a fantastic HMO that you should join.  But of course they didn't provide any useful details to prove how they had anything better for you than what you already have with your current medical providers.  They provided a postage paid postcard for you to mail to them before they would give you any actual details of their UCare HMO......and a box they would like you to put a check mark in, giving them permission "for a sales person to call me."  And the postcard address was marked ATTN SALES.

Duhhhhh, what does that tell you?  It doesn't take a genius to figure out they are trying to drum up more business because they love and want the extra income since this program is paid by the State and Federal government.

Like the majority of people, you just throw it out with the rest of the junk mail.  Sure as in the hell don't want another sales person calling you, do you?  And if your basically satisfied with your current health providers, why would you want to upset and disrupt your current medical care?  You wouldn't.  If your current providers aren't working out for you, fine, check and see if UCare would be better for your particular situation.  No problem.  If your content with what you have, throw the UCare HMO sales crap away.

But......and it's a big but......

The UCare advertising obviously didn't drum up the new amount of business they wanted.  UCare had lobbyists working for them, and the lobbyists went to work on the Minnesota State legislature.  And we all know the kind of crap lobbyists pull and do to us.  And one of the UCare lobbyists is Joel Ulland, and his phone number is 612-676-3245, just in case you'd like to give him a piece of your mind.  Be forewarned, he's silver tongued and will try to charm you right out of your anger.....that's what he's paid to do....he's a lobbyist.

So here's how it works.......here's how the deception was perpetrated

Remember all the outcries and push back from the public against Facebook because of some of its less than above board practices?  You know, the sneaky way you'd have to deliberately 'Opt Out' of allowing them to do whatever they want with information about you, to third parties when you don't want them doing that.  That pisses people off.  Common sense tells you that the correct way to do things is for companies to ask for your permission....not just do whatever the hell they want to do to you, and then after they've already done it, you are forced to tell them that you 'Opt Out' of allowing them to screw you over one way or another, or they get to keep right on doing it.  The damage has already been done.  Now your trying to play the catch up game to stop a continuance and future misuse of your privacy and other things.

Remember, UCare is trying to sell you something.  They receive big sums of money from the government if they can get you to become their customer.  They want that money above everything else.  Money, money, money.  The direct marketing sales post card they sent you, didn't work.  So they sent their lobbyists in to work on the Minnesota State Legislature and they cut a deal, and what a deal they got!

They were able to automatically enroll thousands of the Disabled and poor people into their UCare Medicaid program, and you had to 'Opt Out' if you didn't want to be forced into their HMO program........very much like the tactics of Facebook.  And now people are going through hell trying to 'Opt Out' of the program, and get their original health providers back in place.  Heads need to roll because of this.

It's wrong.  It's deceptive.  Just think of the scams you'd be signed up for if you had to 'Opt Out' of everything in life!  You'd be paying for sets of Encyclopedias you never intended to buy, vacuum cleaners, new cars, magazine subscriptions, cell phone contracts, rental agreements, and the list goes on to infinity.  You'd be pissed off because some damn lobbyists rubbed elbows with your state legislatures to make it legal for them to do that to you.  You'd be grabbing your pitch forks and torches and making the responsible parties pay the price of hell.

A lot of the people responsible for this should automatically be 'Opted Out' of their jobs!

.........stay tuned, more to come soon!

Read this article by Donna Smith on how the Health Care System is using a scam called various things like "Health and Wellness" programs to rake in tons of money, when they really don't care about addressing your real life medical needs.

Donna Smith is a community organizer with the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee

Nov 19, 2011

Outrageous Footage of Minneapolis Cop Physically Pushing Unarmed Protester With Squad Car!

Patrol car being used to physically push protester Devin Wynn

If a citizen were driving his/her car, and a pedestrian stood in front of your car on purpose, what would be the sensible thing to do?  Well, one would think about putting the car in REVERSE and backing up, NOT keep the car in DRIVE and simply push the person in front of your vehicle.  That would clearly be an assault with a deadly weapon.  Hopefully, you wouldn't be retarded enough to purposely use your car to PUSH the person out of your way.

What about a trained Police Officer?  Watch what this Pig does in a similar situation in Minneapolis, MN, during a protest against a foreclosed home.

"If you stand for nothing, you fall for anything."

Cop Pushes Person with Squad Car
Tax Avoidance
Minnesota Companies Parking Billions of Dollars in Offshore Bank Accounts

The Securities and Exchange Commission has documents showing that three Minnesota companies have approximately $15.2 Billion Dollars in profits, sitting in offshore Bank accounts.

Medtronic (Fridley, MN)
$7.22 Billion Dollars Parked in Offshore Bank Account

Medtronic is the world's largest medical device company.  They are readily known as a producer of Pacemaker/Defibrillators inserted into the upper chest cavity of heart failure patients........and they are also known for a continued string of lawsuits against them, and a history of placing profits above patients and the community they constantly profess to be serving!

May 2012
Medtronic will lay off 2,000 employees.....Medtronic will pay $85 Million Dollars to end Shareholder Lawsuit

What's Going On?

In 2008 the U.S. Department of Justice served Medtronic a subpoena as they investigated the charges against Medtronic for practicing off-label uses, and illegal marketing of their InFuse bone repair product.  The use of InFuse in neck surgeries can, and in some cases has lead to problems swallowing, breathing, and speaking in patients.  And in some ot those cases required additional surgeries.

In 2008, the Minneapolis Firefighters Relief Association filed a lawsuit against Medtronic for false and misleading public statements about InFuse.  The Firefighters group manages pension funds for Minneapolis Firefighters and their families.

In 2011 a medical journal charged that Medtronic downplayed the side effects associated with InFuse, including a condition that can cause infertility in men.  The medical journal also pointed to the fact that the medical studies of InFuse were carried out by consultants paid by Medtronic.

An Ongoing History of Problems and Lack of Quality Control with Medtronic Medical Products

In 2007 Medtronic was forced to recall it's Sprint Fidelis product, a group of flexible wires or leads, that connect a defibrillator to the interior of the heart.  They were failing at an alarming rate, causing unnecessary shocks, or failing to deliver a shock when needed; in which either situation can prove to be lethal to the heart patient.

Continuing studies since the recall, (disputed by Medtronic), strongly suggests that the failure rate of already- implanted Sprint Fidelis leads has been increasing exponentially!

$5.60 Billion Dollars Parked in Offshore Bank Account
General Mills
$2.40 Billion Dollars Parked in Offshore Bank Account

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  I have minimized my reporting of this situation to you on purpose.  In total there is actually about $2 Trillion Dollars in profits sitting in offshore Banks accounts by other major companies that are sure to surprise you.


Into The Fire
Into The Fire

Our neutral, peaceful, neighbor Canada.  Mainstream news media in the United States hasn't been showing us what's been going on in Canada.  Can you afford to remain in the dark?  Do you really want to hide your head in the sand.......if your a coward you will.  And then let yourself fall into shock the day you witness for yourself what has already been happening in the United States.

Canada is an example of the Police State that you didn't even know was going on.  It's already been replicating itself in the United States while you were asleep and in a state of denial.  It's been happening in Oakland, Seattle, NYC, and other major US cities.  And your mainstream media has been negligent in reporting this news to you, in the depth and scope that a free press is obligated to do.  Our corrupt Congress no longer represents true Democracy.

Your Civil Rights are being trashed, and most of you don't even realize it.  But you will.  And you'll have yourself to blame for that.  One way or another, you'll be swept up in it, whether you like it or not.  The lines are already being drawn as to what side of history you'll be on.

Wake Up Call to All American Citizens

Republicans (Republipukes) Party Consists of Normal People? - Ha, ha, ha!
Super Committee is Serious About Solving Problems? - Ha, ha, ha!
Main Stream News (Fox News in particular) is Credible? - Ha, ha, ha!
Most Americans Know What is Going On Around Them? - Ha, ha, ha!
President Obama is Fighting Just as Hard as He Can? - Ha, ha, ha!
The Majority of American Citizens are Well Informed and Educated? - Ha, ha, ha!

Wake Up Call to All Americans
Aug. 1, 2011
Wake Up Americans

You Think He Was Joking?  He Wasn't!

The American Dream
He Wasn't Joking

Young Girl Who Silenced the World for 5 Minutes

"What you do, makes me cry at night."

Girl Silenced the World

Economic Meltdown
The Men Who Crashed the World

They Gutted the Regulatory Laws to Get Rich

Part 1
Men Who Crashed the World Part 1
Part 2
Men Who Crashed the World Part 2
Part 3
Men Who Crashed the World Part 3
Part 4
Men Who Crashed the World Part 4

Police Brutality & Militarization of Police

Oink, oink,!  Pig Alert!     Oink, oink,!  Pig Alert!     Oink, oink,!  Pig Alert!

"Never do anything against conscience, even if the state demands it."
— Albert Einstein

Passionate Plea From Admired and Respected Social Worker / Occupier Katt Hoban to San Francisco Police
 Dec. 3, 2011

"Critical Consciousness"
"Our Impact on the World"
"I Was Only Following Orders"
"Question Yourself About Your Values and Ethics"

Katt Hoban Part 1
Katt Hobman Part 1

Katt Hoban Part 2
Katt Hobman Part 2
Daniel Ellsberg Supports the Occupy Movement

Nov. 23, 2011
 On The Occupy Movement
 "I'm Very Euphoric To See This Happening Now!"

Famous activist/protester, for helping end the Vietnam War, and for contributing to the removal of President Richard Nixon!
Try as you might, you can't argue with success folks!

Daniel Ellsberg
Daniel Ellsberg

84 Year Old Woman Pepper Sprayed

  Activist Dorli Rainey Pepper Sprayed by Seattle Police

84 Year Old Woman Pepper Sprayed

Pigs Illegally Pepper Spray UC Davis Students
Nov. 18, 2011
Police (Pigs) Sadistically Pepper Spray UC Davis Students

UPDATE: NOV. 21, 2011: Police Chief and two other officers put on administrative leave

The saying that, if you put lipstick on a Pig, it's still a Pig, sure does hold true.  Here's another video that proves it again!  Mindless Pigs taking their orders from the corrupted commanders above them.

It's truly amazing that these ass wipe Pigs haven't learned the lessons from the past.  They obviously were never taught anything about history, and what eventually happens when you continue to torture your citizens who have every legal right to do what they are doing.

These kind of cops are on the wrong side of history, and so far, the majority of Cops have their heads so far up their ass holes that they will never see the light of day.  Screw them!

UC Davis Students Pepper Sprayed
UC Students Tear Gassed

Pigs Beat Berkeley Students
Nov. 9, 2011
Cops (Pigs) Viciously Beat Berkeley Students

For young people their comes a time of realization that the Police are not always nice, and they are not your friend.  There are times, when the Police become the PIGS.  They become the Pigs when they use overly excessive force against unarmed people.  An example of when they earn the name of Pigs, is when they beat unarmed, young female and male students alike.

The Pigs beat unarmed Berkeley students.  The Pigs really enjoy using their "coporate" batons to carry out corporal punishment.

Cops Beating Berkeley Students
Cops Beating Berkeley Students

Marine Veteran Suffers Head Injury at the Hands of Oakland Police
Nov. 2011
Marine Veteran Scott Olsen Suffers Head Injury at the Hands of Oakland Police

The Oakland Police are known for their brutality and military tactics of sending in hoards of Riot Gear Police against any form of protesting.  They are the poster child of Pigs in action.

Marine Veteran Scott Olsen
Seriously Injured
Scott Olsen Shot

Know Your Rights!  It's Legal for the Cops to Lie to You and the Sooner You Know That, The Better Off You'll Be.

Protesters Should Know When NOT to Talk to the Cops!!!!!!!!!!!

Know Your Legal Rights -  Saves Lawyers Lots of Time and Work Defending You!

Don't Offer Cops Information
Don't Talk to the Cops Video

Street Wise Version of Encounters with the Police

Cops Try to Trick You 1
Encounters with Police Video

Cops Try to Trick You 2
Dealing with Cops Video

Occupy Protesters Should Automatically Assume the FBI is Spying on Them

Here's Why, How, and What the FBI Will Do to Your Privacy......

FBI Dumpster Divers
FBI Spies

Corporate Corruption of Our Political System

Scumbags Charles and David Koch Caught In The Act of  What They Are All About

Their secret meeting held in Vail, Colorado was infiltrated by undercover recordings!

Koch Brothers Secret Meeting Infiltrated
Koch Brothers Infiltrated

How Corporations Have Taken Over Our Democracy and Our Political System

Citizens United v. FEC (2011)
Corporations are not People

How the American Economy was Robbed

The Story of Broke (2011)
The Story of Broke Video

300 Years of Fossil Fules in 300 Seconds

Fossil Fuels Video

Polar Bears Discussing Global Warming

Polar Bears Discuss Global Warming

An Explanation of Cap & Trade

Cap and Trade Video
What Are Everyday Products Doing to You?

Dangerous Cosmetics

The Life Cycle of the Electronics You Own

Short Lived Electronics
What Kind of Water Do You Drink?

Brand of Water

Public Schools Are a Mess
Schools Are Killing Creativity

People have been bitching about the fact that our students are rapidly falling behind in the quality of education they receive, when compared to other countries.  Our schools seem to be lousy at teaching, and providing our children with what other countries are doing for their kids.  Well, the adults in the USA, the administrators of our schools, are pretty much a bunch of dumb shits, and they've been dumb shits for decades.  Nothing new there.

The administrators fall into the category of, "the masses are asses." They follow the same failing practices that have gone on before them, and they wonder why our schools are so boring for students. Schools don't have to be boring you jackasses!  But they are boring because so many school administrators are plain out dullards.

And you are dullards because your failing our young people.  And that earns you the title of dullard.

Schools Kill Creativity
Schools Kill Creativity
September 21, 2012
Moyers & Company

The humorist Andy Borowitz says it would be nice to spend billions on schools and roads,
but right now that money is desperately needed for political ads.  Sure enough, our political
class is wallowing in cash, most of it going to your local TV stations.  Last week, NBC
reported that total spending on ads by both sides in the presidential race had surpassed
$600 million: $318.5 million for Team Romney, $287.2 million for Team Obama.

And get this: More than half of all that money for ads has been spent in just three swing
states – Florida, Ohio and Virginia.  What's more, huge sums – not only for ads but for
get-out-the-vote efforts like mailings and robocalls -- are going into House and Senate
races in the fight to control Congress.

Altogether, three billion dollars in campaign cash have been raised so far, and a projected
$6 billion by the election, less than seven weeks away.  It's not just that we're being hit by
swarms of ads thicker than locusts.  What's truly frightening is that we don't know who's
really paying for them.

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Educate Yourself.......Health & Medical

Albert Einstein Image

"If most of us are ashamed of shabby clothes and shoddy furniture let us be more ashamed of shabby ideas and shoddy philosophies.... It would be a sad situation if the wrapper were better than the meat wrapped inside it."
Albert Einstein
Food Incorporated

Your Food and Where it Comes From

Your Food and Where it Comes From

Americans have a longstanding love affair with food -- the modern supermarket has, on average, 47,000 products.  But do we really know what goes into making the products we consume?  David Brancaccio talks with filmmaker Robert Kenner, the director of Food, Inc., which takes a hard look at the secretive and surprising journey food takes on the way from processing plants to our dinner tables.

The Future of Food

The Future Of Food

The Future of Food

Learn about the collection of various seeds and how the mega company Monsanto selfishly attempts to stop farmers from owning their own seeds by trying to patent everything for themselves, for the sake of huge profits.

Super Size Me Movie

Super Size Me

Super Size Me

If you haven't seen this movie yet, then you haven't educated yourself like you should.  Ignorance is not bliss.  In this area ignorance is early death.  And when a person doesn't take the opportunity to educate themselves for free it's not just ignorant, it's dumb.

Heart Disease In America

The Hidden Epidemic - Heart Disease In America

The Hidden Epidemic

50% of Americans have heart disease.  So that means there's a good chance that you have it, or you will.  You will at least, know someone that does, and so it will affect you whether you want it to or not.  But if your early enough, there are things you can do to avoid the problem that is now plaguing America.

Take One Step For A Healthy Heart

Take One Step for a Healthy Heart

Another excellent program you can watch.

Nurses Needed

PBS Image

Nurses Needed

Remember the recent nurse strikes?  Wonder why?  It wasn't clear to you what the problems were, and are?  You can get a bit of an overview of the problems with this video.  NOW on PBS examines the strains that the nursing shortage crises is placing on the entire medical system.

Corporate Offenders, Political Manipulation & Economics

Albert Einstein Image

"Three great forces rule the world: stupidity, fear and greed."
Albert Einstein
The Corporation Movie
The Corporation

Learn why Corporations are more powerful than individual people, and how some of them use that power to influence American politics in ways that are not favorable to the American public.

Koch Industries Logo

Letters Expsose Corporate Agenda of Billionaire Koch Brothers

Letters Expose Koch Brothers

The brothers Charles and David Koch own and operate several oil refineries in a number of states, including the one in Rosemount, Minnesota.  They are also the company behind well known brands such as, Stainmaster Carpet, Dixi Cups, Brawny Paper Towels, Lycra Fibers, and Georgia - Pacific Lumber.

David Koch started the neutral - sounding group Americans for Prosperity Foundation, which has been linked to the Tea Party, and training them to use talking points for Tea Party Activists to use.  The Koch brothers do this in a covert manner in order to further their own Corporate agenda.  They do it behind the scenes by using the angry rhetoric of the Tea Party to push their own greedy corporate interests.

Koch Oil Logo

How Koch Brothers Use Their Money to Influence Political Groups Like the Tea Party

Koch Brothers Influence Tea Party

This investigative report drills down deep and exposes the methods that the Koch brothers use set the political agenda they want for themselves, such as more deregulation to keep raking in the billions of dollars they are accustomed to.  They use and hide behind such groups as the Tea Party to promote their own political agenda, personal wealth.

This audio report digs down even deeper than the above video.  Don't miss out on this important investigative report!

Albert Einstein Image

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing."
Albert Einstein

British Petroleum Logo

BP - The Worst Enviromental Disaster In History Caused By Placing Profits Over Safety

BP Disaster History

An incredible investigation into the systemic failure of BP management to place profits over safety and human life.  BP already had a very bad track record before the Gulf Coast Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

At their Texas City oil refinery it was typical for them to have a fire every week, and finally, in 2005 there was a horrific explosion and fire that killed 15 people, and injured another 170 people.

In 2006, on the north slope in Alaska they had an oil spill of 260,000 gallons from a pipeline that management had been told that the lines were going to break.  Much of the infrastructure at the Alaska site was built to only last until 1987, at which time they were supposed to be pulled out and replaced.  But they never did this, and they continued to run everything to predictable failure all for profit motives.

Then their Thunderhorse facility toppled over into the water due to a number of valves installed backwards.  Once again, due to a rush to making profits.

By 2010 they had over 100 rigs in the Gulf Coast region, and they received generous subsidies and limited penalties if something went wrong.

The laws had no teeth over these type of companies, and because of this, BP was able to be a repeat offender over and over again.

The Deepwater Horizon oil rig was dubbed "The Well From Hell" by employees working there.  The explosion and fire of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig killed 11 people, and injured another 17 people.

BP is also infamous for pressuring injured people to sign gag orders that force them not to be able to speak against the company in any way, or the people will not be fairly compensated for their losses.  This is a very typical tactic of many corporations, and BP is an excellent example of a bottom feeder entity.

Countrywide Image

Mortgage Scammers Get Slap On The Wrist

Countrywide Mortgage

Find out what penalties the Countrywide Mortgage company paid, and decide if you think it was enough.
Albert Einstein Image

"If I were to remain silent, I'd be guilty of complicity."
Albert Einstein

"Try not to become a man of success.  Rather become a man of value."
Albert Einstein
Christopher Hitchens Image

An old joke has an Oxford professor meeting an American former graduate student and asking him what he's working on these days.  "My thesis is on the survival of the class system in the United States."  Professor: "Oh really, that's interesting: one didn't think there was a class system in the United States."  Former Student: "Nobody does.  That's how it survives."
Christopher Hitchens

The American Ruling Class

The American Ruling Class

The American Ruling Class

Want to get into the minds of how otherwise decent people get sucked into working for big banks and institutions like Goldman Sachs, that flushed our economy down the toilet?  Then watch this documentary to educate yourself.  This movie is particularly helpful to young people looking for guidance in their choice of careers.

Split Movie Image

SPLIT - A Divided House

Split a divided house

Watch this movie to enlighten yourself about the silliness of American politics, and familiar themes and fear tactics that continue right up to our current times.  Keep an ear open for common words that are used by uneducated, and border line mentally ill people.  Words like, socialism, nazi, elitists, unpatriotic, religious, god inspired, reborn christian, and so on.

The nonsense continues....just the faces change.  Like the nut jobs such as Sarah Palin (stupid squared), and Glenn Beck who declared on Jan. 2009, ''The most used phrase in my administration if I were to be President would be, what the hell do you mean we're out of missiles?''

Abel Raises Cain

Abel Raises Cain

Abel Raises Cain

The point of this documentary film is to draw your attention to how the various news media are often times drawn to ridiculous people making outrageous statements, without checking their facts first.  And why do they even bother to give such things coverage?  It's for some of the following reasons: higher viewer ratings, absence of fact checking, lack of critical thinking, and there are just enough gullible people in the world that will fall for unsubstantiated claims from goofy people.

Please leave comments in the Guestbook about any of these videos you watched.

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Elizabeth Warren Provides Real Solutions

Elizabeth Warren Photo

If you don't know about this woman, you should!  She's the Professor from Harvard University.  She's probably one of the most intelligent, common sense, problem solving females in America.  Compare Elizabeth Warren to the twit Sarah Palin, and decide for yourself which woman should be getting the most news coverage.

Discussion About Wall Street and Main Street on PBS NOW

Wall Street and Main Street

Elizabeth Warren Discusses Executive Pay
Part 1
Executive Pay
Executive Pay Part 1

Part 2
Executive Pay
Executive Pay Part 2

Health Care Myths, Mortgage Fraud, and Credit Card Protection

A Few Health Care Myths Debunked

Health Care Myths

Mortgage Fraud & Credit Card Protection

Mortgage Fraud

Elizabeth Warren Predicted the Economic Collapse
Her Speach at Harvard University on March 8, 2007

The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class:  Higher Risks, Lower Rewards, and a Shrinking Safety Net

The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class

Robert Reich Provides Sound Economic Advice

Robert Reich Photo

Robert Reich is a well respected economist who tells it like it really is.  Republicans can't stand him because he tells the truth the way it really is......which Republicans hate because they believe in fairy tales, big business, deregulation of financial institutions, no universal health care, wars for profit, and God.....but only their god, because to them there is only one correct religion.  And when someone is educated with a college degree, they put the label of being an elitist on them, but it's hypocritical of them because they sure do like to send all of their children off to college.

The Problem With The Economy & Why It Won't Bounce Back Any Time Soon

The Problem with the economy

Robert Reich Explains Why Unemployment Will Continue To Be High

Robert Reich explains why people aren't employed and why they won't be easily re-employed.  He's telling it the way it is and people need to learn this new reality of the American landscape.  The truth can, and often times does hurt, but without it you don't have a chance at changing the direction of your life at all.  Listen to the rhetoric of the Republicans and you'll be a goner for sure.

Why Unemployment will be High

Hillary Clinton Wants to be President.  What a Shock Ha?  NOT!

Queen Hillary

Hillary and her baggage

Editorial by R.L.

So Hillary Clinton wants to be the next President?  Who'd have guessed it?  Stop the press, and print up the new headlines for all of America to be shocked when they hear the paper boy on the corner yelling, "Read All About It, Read All About It, Hillary Clinton announces she's running for President!"  Yawn.  Borrrrrrrring.  More lost revenues for the already failing newspapers around the country.  Ever wonder why they lose money?  There are lots of reason, but one of them is acting like this would be some kind of news to yell out at the top of your lungs. Another carnival side show huckster.

Here we go again.  Hillary Clinton for President.  Just another rat brained politician.  Her ambitions for life became painfully obvious when she didn't kick her no good cheating husband, Bill, to the curb for his sexual affair, and his lies about it, with the politically star struck young female that he fooled around with in the White House.

Bill had a lot more political connections and clout than Hillary had, and has on her own.  She needed him for her own selfish political career.  Who are these people?  What mud swamp are they born in?

The major problem with Hillary is that she comes with more baggage than we would like her to be carrying....namely, her husband Bill!  If she became the next President, then we'd have that creep of a husband of hers living in the White House with her.  Once is enough!  These are the two most power hungry couple we've seen in a long time.

Why We Won't Truly Win the Iraq War


"Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding."
Albert Einstein

"Bush and Bin Laden are really on the same side: the side of faith and violence against the side of reason and discussion.  Both have implacable faith that they are right and the other is evil.  Each believes that when he dies he is going to heaven.  Each believes that if he could kill the other, his path to paradise in the next world would be even swifter.  The delusional "next world" is welcome to both of them.  This world would be a much better place without either of them. "
Richard Dawkins

Editorial by R.L.

The United States won't win this war.  It's not winnable for many reasons.  First of all we didn't start off on the moral high ground to win this war.  Bush straight out lied about Iraq having Weapons of Mass Destruction as the major reason to launch his war against Iraq.

The disgraceful torture practices exposed at Abu Ghraib Prison didn't do anything positive to endear us to the rest of the world, to ourselves, nor any of our enemies, or future enemies.  And with Bush's continued belief that the use of torture is appropriate under certain circumstances, only serves as an example to the rest of the world that we are not as civilized as we profess to be.

Bush and his administration allowed torture!  Think about that.  If Bush is such a christian man, as he claims to be, does he also think that if Jesus were sitting across from him, that Jesus would agree to using torture on his enemies?  If not, then how can Bush truly justify torture.....and profess himself to be a "born again christian?"

Another aspect of this war is that it has developed in to a bunch religious fanatics waging war against each other.  The Christians declare that you can't get into heaven unless you believe in Jesus Christ, and that he was the son of God, and so you are doomed to an eternity in hell if you do not accept this.  The people of the Muslim faith are well aware of the Christian beliefs, and of course resent such proclamations.  Some radical Muslims believe that if they become a martyr they will be rewarded with seventeen virgins (others say seventy two virgins) when they get into heaven.  Who dreams up all these whacky ideas?  It's the age long battle cry of "my God is the real god, the only god, yours isn't.....your a sinner.....your an infidel."

Did you know only one third of the world is composed of Christianity, and the remaining two thirds of the world is made up of Muslims and all of the other religions of the world?  Christianity is in the minority, not the majority.

Iraq is such a mess, that it may be advisable to have troops of Psychiatrists tending to the overwhelming needs of the population. They're needed to address the left over effects of a brutal dictator, and the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from all the bloodshed, kidnappings, bombings, and generations of pent up grudges between all the different groups and factions of people.

This is an expensive war.  It's costing the taxpayers over $200 million dollars per day!  Are you satisfied with the results?

President Bush Gives "Surge" Speech on January 10, 2007

Liars and more liars

Editorial by R.L

Well, the stumble bum was at it again!  He still can't get through a speech without sounding like he has a wad of gum in the way of his tongue.  Ladies and Gentleman, he's going to send an additional
surge of 21,500 troops in to Iraq.  17,000 of them will be in Baghdad.  A surge?  What the hell is that?  It's supposed to hold Baghdad together.  BULL!

I'll tell you what this surge REALLY is.  Once again it's a losing proposition and strategy by Bush and his administration.  It's a cover for what is really going on.  Britain announced they are going to pull out 3,000 of their troops.  And look at all the other countries that have already pulled troops out over time, which just leaves more and more gapping holes in the number of our own military personnel over in Iraq.  So, this isn't extra military personnel in the form of a powerful surge that Bush is sending over there.  It's a fill up and plug the hole in the number of reduced military support from other countries.  We're not getting stronger, we are definitely getting weaker!  End of story.

Bush is fond of claiming that he has a plan, and that the people who disagree with him don't offer any plans of their own to address this war.  Lots of people are sick of hearing this defense from Bush.  The bottom line is that Bush got us in to this mess, through all of his lies, and he needs to take full responsibility in undoing the tremendous damage, and future damage he has brought upon America.  Bush is like a delinquent child.  He gets himself in to trouble, and then when he's caught he just spews out more lies and digs his hole deeper.  It's like a neighbor who gets in to trouble with the law and ends up in jail.  You tell him he shouldn't have done what he did, and should not have lied in court, and maybe he could have averted being sent to jail.  He continues to give you double talk, and instead of going straight, he'd like you to do his jail time for him.  And in effect, that's what our country and military people are doing....paying for his lies....and paying with their lives...that's too high of a cost!

Bush Appointed Mike Brown to Fema and You Trust Bush to Run, and Win a War?
Your Out of Your Mind!

FEMA is a Joke

The Quack Mike Brown
Editorial by R.L.

Remember Hurricane Katrina?  Remember Bush appearing on television, standing next to Brown and telling Brown that he was doing a great job?  Yeah, dumb and dumber.  Lies and more lies.  Bush should have been impeached a long time ago!

Bush appointed Mike Brown to the position of Deputy Chief of FEMA in January 2003.  Mike Brown was just another, in a long list, of unqualified Bush cronies!  Want proof that Brown was unqualified?  Okay.

The last job Brown held before being appointed by Bush to the FEMA position was as the head of an Arabian Horse Association.  Outrageous isn't it?  Now there's a hell of a job qualification for you to get a Federal job ha?  What a jump up the job ladder.  How many breaks have you had like that?  None?
Guess you don't have the right kind of connections....or you don't embellish and lie enough.

A 2001 White House press release said Brown had worked for the city of Edmund, Oklahoma from 1975 to 1978.  It said his job was "overseeing the emergency services division."  Not the truth, because Claudia Deakins,  head of public relations for the city of Edmond, said that Brown was an "assistant to the city manager from 1977 to 1980, not a manager himself, and had no authority over other employees. The assistant is more like an intern. Department heads did not report to him."

Hmmm, sounds a lot like college kid job doesn't it?

Then there's a legal web site called FindLaw.com provided by lawyers or their offices.  There's a section for you to list your "Honors and Awards", and Brown wrote: "Outstanding Political Science Professor, Central State University". 
Again, that's just not true!  Charles Johnson, the News Bureau Director in the University Relations office at the University of Central Oklahoma (formerly known as Central State University), said that  Brown "wasn't a professor here, he was only a student here.  He may have been an adjunct instructor, but that title is very different from that of "professor."

Hmmm, are you noticing a pattern going on here with Brown?

Concerning Katrina, Brown also committed perjury when he testified under oath about his handling the hurricane response.  Brown testified that Louisiana Gov. Blanco’s August 27th request to the President for a federal emergency declaration excluded Orleans, Jefferson and Plaquerines parishes.

The true facts were that Blanco had requested the President to declare a disaster in “all the southeastern parishes,” which includes Orleans, Jefferson and Plaquerines.

You voted for Bush?  What were you thinking?  Were you thinking?


Editorial by R.L.

If you did vote for George W. Bush at any time, shame on you!  What were you thinking?  Were you thinking?  You'll be very hard pressed to prove that you are capable of thinking.  Critical thinking wasn't required when looking over this loser.  Common sense thinking was required, and you failed miserably!

Lots of people were quoted as saying they'd feel comfortable sitting down and drinking a beer with him.  That's one of your criteria for selecting a President?  Why don't you just run down to your local tavern and pick your most friendly beer chugalugger and promote him/her for all your Presidential candidates then?  Sadly, there are probably plenty of you that would!

Being able to speak and pronounce words and sentences somewhat fluently, does not appear to be of much importance to you either.  The man flubbed up so many words when speaking he was and is a laughing stock for every late night television comedian, and for everyone else around the work place water cooler.

You already knew his dad was a huge disappointment.  Remember the "read my lips" statement?  Why did you presume that his son would be any better than his father?  Are you truly that gullible?  Obviously, yes.

Maybe what sold you on Bush #2 was his being "born again statements".  Oh great!  Now we have this religious hard head who's led us into what is in many ways a religious war in the twenty first century.  Thanks a lot!


OCT 27, 2005
Editorial by R.L.
Harriet Miers Withdraws Her Nomination to The US Supreme Court!
Thousands of Americans are Relieved That They Won't Have to See More Photos of Her Spooky Eyes!

spooky miers

It is rumored that Harriet Miers learned her application of cosmetics from Alice Cooper, and the band members of KISS.  Whatever, who wants those spooky eyes staring down at them from the bench......or from anywhere for that matter.

We already knew Bush was mentally challenged, but now there appears to be strong, circumstantial evidence that he's visually challenged.

Bush had stated that Miers was the "most qualified" person to sit on the US Supreme court seat.  Oh no!  Mr. Bush, does that mean that anyone else will be second fiddle?  We have no other better choices?  You said she was the most qualified?  The most?  The Best?  Whatever shall we do now?  You're frightening us President Bush!  Save us from ourselves!


October 20, 2005
Editorial by R.L.L.

Current Story Line:  Some US Military Troops Appear to Use Arnold Schwarzenegger School Yard Language
News Source:

An Australian TV station aired incriminating footage of  US soldiers stationed in Afghanistan burning Taleban corpses.  The footage also shows other troops taunting the residents of a nearby village because they believed that the village was harboring the Taleban.

The troops alleged taunting message that was piped through speakers to the village was: "You are too scared to retrieve their bodies - this just proves you are the lady boys we always believed you to be."

Lady Boys?  Doesn't this smack strongly of Arnold Schwarzenegger's name calling using the phrase of "Girlie-Men"?

You have to ask yourself what in the hell is going on here?  Are these people totally NUTS?  Another proud day for America ha?  That sure helps us out with some kind of a moral high ground doesn't it?

The footage describes the scene where two Taleban fighters corpses were laid out facing Mecca and then being burned in what the reporter, John Martinkus, explains as a "deliberate desecration of Muslim beliefs".

The Islamic tradition requires that bodies be washed, prayed for, wrapped in white cloth, and then burned within 24 hours.

The soldiers had also yelled out through the speakers to the village: "Attention Taleban you are cowardly dogs.  You allowed your fighters to be laid down facing West and burnt."

The footage was taken in the village of Gonbaz located outside the southern city of Kandahar by the Australian cameraman Stephen DuPont.  He was embedded with a US forces unit.


Torture is Wrong

"Love is a better master than duty."
Albert Einstein

"Blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth."
— Albert Einstein

"Force always attracts men of low morality."
Albert Einstein

"He who joyfully marches to music rank and file has already earned my contempt.  He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would surely suffice."
Albert Einstein

"Never do anything against conscience, even if the state demands it."
Albert Einstein

"Older men start wars, but younger men fight them. "
Albert Einstein

"This topic brings me to that worst outcrop of herd life, the military system, which I abhor... This plague-spot of civilization ought to be abolished with all possible speed.  Heroism on command, senseless violence, and all the loathsome nonsense that goes by the name of patriotism -- how passionately I hate them!"
Albert Einstein

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing."
Albert Einstein

Photos Out of the Abu Ghraib Hell Hole

torture photo

An Iraqi detainee being restrained after suffering injuries to both legs at Abu Ghraib.

It is unclear whether his injuries werre from dog bites.


Draw your own conclusion, if you can, of a baton wielding US soldier controlling a naked detainee covered in a "brown substance" with his ankles handcuffed.


Spc. Sabrina Harmon posing over the body of a detainee who was allegedly beaten to death by CIA or civilian interrogators in the prison's showers.

The detainee's name was Manadel al-Jamadi.


Up on a prison walkway, a hooded detainee is photographed having collapsed with his wrists handcuffed to the railings.


The infamous photo shown around the world.

Whatever happened to "spice and everything nice?"


I don't think her Mom and Dad will be entering this into the family photo album as their daughter's new pet.


When did Crucification come back into popular demand?

I guess they thought, "Gosh, with all of the new technology lets get rid of the wood
cross, and hook up some electricity."

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Quackwatch is a nonprofit corporation that focuses on educating the general public about quack operations such as health-related frauds, myths, fads,  and fallacies.  They are particularly talented in providing quack type of hype and information that is very difficult or nearly impossible to obtain from other sources.

Quackwatch was originally founded by Dr. Stephen Barrett in 1969 as the Lehigh Valley Committee Against Health Fraud.  In 1997 it was incorporated and took on the current name of Quackwatch.  They utilize the talents of volunteers and expert advisors through a worldwide network.

Quackwatch is a participant member of the Fraud Defense Network, an Internet-based alliance of insurance companies, government agencies, and other interested parties working to prevent, detect, and investigate fraudulent activity.

Here is a small example of the topics you can learn about:

Choosing a Dentist
Where to Get Mental Help
Where to Get Nutrition Advice
Board Certification: What Does It Mean?
How to Check a Physician's Credentials
Choosing a Health Club

Consumer Protection
Intelligent Consumer Behavior
Doctor-Patient Communication Tips
Where to Complain or Seek Help
Online Scams: A Message from the FTC
AMA Discourages Product Sales in Medical Offices

How Chiropractors Oversell Themselves
Steer Clear of Chiropractic Nutrition
Chiropractic Victim Support Group
Subluxations: Chiropractic's Elusive Buzzword

There are also detailed links on different topics where you can dig deeper such as this one:
Phony breast enlarger facing court action

Examples of Task Forces Currently Being Organized

    Anti-Biotechnology Quackery
    Antifluoridation Quackery
    Anti-Immunization Quackery
    Book Evaluation
    Cancer Quackery
    Dental Quackery
    Dietary Supplements
    Multilevel Marketing
    Mental Health Quackery
    Mental Retardation Quackery
    Physical Therapy Quackery
    Special Education Quackery
    Quackwatch Publicity

You Can Rely Upon Quackwatch for the Following Servies

    Investigating questionable claims
    Answering inquiries
    Distributing reliable publications
    Reporting illegal marketing
    Generating consumer-protection lawsuits
    Improving the quality of health information on the Internet
    Attacking misleading advertising on the Internet


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