Making Suet Cakes

You make suet cakes by melting the suet down twice in a double boiler.  Then you can add extra ingredients like raisins, chopped peanuts and even rice into the suet before it congeals into a firm cake.


Grind the suet up in a food grinder.  This breaks it up into smaller parts so that it will melt evenly.  Now put the ground up suet in the inner pan of the double boiler so it melts.  Set the suet aside to cool down until it congeals.  Now melt the congealed suet in a double boiler a second time.

You can form the suet cakes by pouring the liquid suet into aluminum foil cake forms or foil dishes left over from frozen foods.

Pour your additional ingredients such as chopped peanuts, sunflower seeds, cracked corn or raisins into the aluminum foil form.  Let your melted suet cool a little, to the point where it begins to set.  Now pour the semi-liquid suet into the form, over the ingredients you added.

Stir this mixture up so that the ingredients are mixed up throughout the suet cake.  Now let the mixture cool.

You can place the suet cake in a suet cage for the birds to feast on!

Have Fun,
Rick - Backyard Nature Specialist

Do you have some favorite recipes of your own that you'd like to share?  If you do please send them and I'll post them here for others to enjoy trying out.  Send Recipes Here.

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