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Foot Pedals

Yamaha FC4 Piano-Style Sustain Pedal

Yamaha FC4 Foot Pedal

The Yamaha FC4 is a piano-style sustain pedal.  Designed to work and feel just like an acoustic piano's sustain pedal, its specially designed rubber bottom grips the floor and stays put while you play.

Works with any Yamaha keyboard utilizing a sustain pedal with a 1/4 in. connector.

6 ft. cable to 1/4 in. phone plug connection.

*This pedal will only work with Yamaha keyboards, unless your keyboard has a polarity switch.  Tip negative polarity.

Works with Yamaha DX7 Through DX7II-FD Models, and Motif P90, S90

Yamaha FC5 Footswitch-Style Sustain Pedal

Yamaha FC5 Foot Pedal

Can be utilized as a sustain foot pedal or FS controller in synthesizers, tone modules and drum machines equipped with 1/4 in. phone plug.  The FC5 has a 5 ft. cable which connects to a 1/4 in. phone plug.  This pedal works with any keyboard utilizing a sustain pedal with 1/4 in. connector.

*This pedal will only work with Yamaha keyboards, unless your keyboard has a polarity switch.

Also Works with Yamaha DX7 Through DX7II-FD Model Synthesizers

Yamaha FC7 Volume Foot Control Pedal

Yamaha FC7 Foot Pedal

Heavy-duty foot controller with "fortissimo function," which enables you to accent certain parts of your performance.

Adjustable pedal angle, spring point adjustment and metal connection plate for multiple pedal "ganging."

The FC7 features a 5 ft. cable to 1/4 in. phone jack.

Deluxe Padded Keyboard Bench
Bench with large seat cushion and 4-position height-adjustment.

QuikLok BX718 Deluxe Padded Keyboard Bench - Large
This deluxe and portable bench is constructed with 30 x 30mm steel tubing and arc-welded joints.  It has unique spring-loaded locking pins at base of the seat for safe and secure height adjustments.

Other features include 4 height positions, padded seat cushion reinforced with dual steel rails, durable, textured vinyl seat covering, and a 300 lb weight capacity.

Keyboard/Drum Throne

Ultra Keyboard Throne
How many times have you said your back is killing you?  Then why not sit in a chair that makes sense?  Oh, because some Classical music teacher had hard and fast rules about sitting on a regular piano bench and taught you all this nonsense about proper posture?  And then when you complain about your back bothering you, the advice you receive from other people is that you should do a bunch of exercises like sit-ups, to strengthen your back and stomach muscles?

Get Real!  What a bunch of hog wash!  If you had the proper chair supporting your back it wouldn't hurt in the first place!  Hopefully, you dumped the Classical piano teacher and bought yourself a chair that makes sense, good old common sense!  You'd think people would know better these days than to keep using a bench, when your going to play for long periods of time, like during a gig.

A chair with a back support is common sense.  Get smart......get back support!  You'll play better because you feel better!

Keyboard Stands

OnStage KS7150 Table Top Keyboard Stand

Table Top Stand

An extremely strong stand! This fully-adjustable model is a great choice for musicians who need support for large keyboards, heavy vintage electric pianos or DJ gear.

The KSA7500 Universal 2nd Tier unit can be attached, making this a 2-tier stand!

The first platform keyboard stand that folds flat! Folding legs are ideal for storage and travel.

Applications: Large-format Keyboard, Mixer and DJ

Weight Capacity: 230 lbs.

Height Adjustment: 26 in. - 43 in.

Width Adjustment:29 in.-43.5 in.

Construction: Welded and bolted

Other Features: Telescoping platform adds versatility and adjusts from 29 in.-43.5 in.

Keyboard Lessons

eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method Software

Piano and Keyboard Method Software

This CD-ROM offers over 300 step-by-step lessons starting from basics such as hand position, rhythm and playing on black keys, and moving on to music notation, sight reading, scales and much more!

Piano teacher Irma Irene Justicia, M.A., who has taught at the renowned Juilliard School of Music, guides you with video demonstrations of techniques.  Songs and exercises are enhanced by live recorded audio, variable-speed MIDI keyboard tracks and colorful MIDI accompaniments.

Interactive review and ear training screens help reinforce new concepts and develop your ear.

When used with an electronic MIDI keyboard, you can get specific feedback on playing mistakes, including wrong notes and rhythms.  You’ll learn how to play and learn a lot about music as well!

Technical Description

Minimum System Requirements

PC Pentium PC or better

Windows 95 / 98 / NT / 2000 / Me / XP

CD-ROM drive

Sound card

VGA+ display

16 MB free RAM

Macintosh Power PC

System 7.5.3 or greater

CD-ROM drive

16 MB of free RAM

Instrument Cables

CBI GA1 American-Made Instrument Cable
CBI Keyboard Cable

CBI's GA-1 American Made cable is ideal as a guitar cable, patch cord, keyboard cable, or anywhere a 1/4 in. to 1/4 in. connection is required. Between processors, between pedals, from your effects to your amp even from your mixer to your power amp.  CBI uses high quality wire and superb connectors in these affordable, durable cables.

C.B.I. features unsurpassed delivery, flexibility, and quality for the Recording Studio, Live Audio, and Sound Installation Wiring markets.  C.B.I. products include many top of the line components, such as Belden cable, Switchcraft, G&H, and Neutrik connectors.  C.B.I.'s product lines encompass a wide range of professional wiring systems for musical instruments, sound reinforcement, sound installation, audio/video, recording & broadcast, as well as bulk wires, connectors, adapters, and custom designs.  In addition to being a well-established and respected force in the retail music industry with over 20 years of experience, C.B.I. has been a pioneer in the field of designer cables and is unparalleled in the custom cable market.

Monster Cable Monster Standard 100 Instrument Cable (Straight with 1/4 Inch Plugs)
Monster Cables
(Straight with 1/4 Inch Plugs)

Put the Monster in Your Music!  Introducing Monster Standard® 100 Instrument Cable
A quality connection starts with quality cable.  And with Monster Standard 100, you’ll use a cable that sounds as good as it looks.  So, whether you’re gigging, tracking in the studio, or jamming in the garage, Standard 100 is a great entry-level cable to get you started.  All the pros know cable makes a difference... that’s why a lot of your favorite bands are using Monster.  Standard 100 delivers the quality, durability, and reliability every Monster musician needs... it’s always ready to perform when you are.

Technology and Features
Precision coaxial design for accurate frequency repsonse and wide dynamic range.

90% coverage copper-braided shield rejects RFI and EMI for a lower noise floor and increased resolution.

Carbon-infused dielectric reduces microphonic pops and cracks for a noise-free cable design.

IsoTec® vibration techonlogy further redudes handling noise.

Extra-flexible Duraflex® outer jacket for superior reliability and cut resistance.

Interchageable color "O" ring attaches to each 1/4 in. connector for easy identification.

New heavy-duty, molded connector design increases durability and resists damage.

Hard nickel contact 1/4 in. connectors are durable and corrosion resistant.

Monster-Quality Instrument Cable At An Affordable Price
Heavy-Duty Injection Molded Connector – Specially designed strain relief increases cable durability and resists damage

Easy-to-ID Color-Coded Rings – for easy identification when you’re plugging in multiple cable.  Several colors included

Ultra-Flexible Duraflex® Protective Jacket – Coils & uncoils effortlessly.  Withstands heavy use

Special Copper Windings – Provides improved clarity and tighter bass, even over long lengths

Heavy-Duty Shielding – Dense copper braided shield for excellent noise rejection

Hosa Y Cable - 6 inch (Stereo 1/4 inch Phone Male to 2 Mono 1/4 inch Phone Female) (Model YPP117)
quarter inch y adaptor

6 in. (Stereo 1/4" Phone Male to 2 Mono 1/4" Phone Female).

"Y" go anywhere else?  Look, we know that when you mad audio scientists get down to business, it's not all just plain vanilla 1/4 in. and XLR action going on.  That's why we carry all the weird and wonky little connectors from Hosa!  Y-cables, for example.

How many times have you wished that somebody would make a specific Y-cable to solve a unique problem?  Hosa does!  Their sturdy Y-cables come in a wide variety of configurations, ready to tackle your most exotic wiring scheme.  When your sound has to be in 2 places at one time, get it there with a Y-cable you can count on, from Hosa.

Hosa Y Cable - 6 inch (Stereo 1/4 inch Phone Male to 2 RCA Female) (Model YPR102)
one quarter to RCA

6 in. (Stereo 1/4 in. Phone Male to 2 RCA Female).

When your sound has to be in 2 places at one time, get it there with a Y-cable you can count on, from Hosa.  How many times have you wished that somebody would make a specific Y-cable to solve a unique problem?  Hosa's sturdy Y-cables come in a wide variety of configurations, ready to tackle your most exotic wiring scheme.

Hosa Straight Headphone Extension Cable - 25 feet

Headphone Extension Cable
(Female 1/4 inch Phone to Male 1/4 inch Phone)  (Model HPE325)

This is a 'gotta have' for the studio.  This 25 ft., flat (uncoiled) stereo extension makes life just a little bit easier.


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