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Belmonte 5051B Pro Music Stand

Belmonte 505 Music Stand

This lightweight pro music stand is height adjustable to meet the needs of most musicians.  It features a tripod design, all-metal construction, and full-tilt adjustment of the music holder.  Folding the legs is possible with durable clamps and hinges.

Height adjustable
Foldable legs
Maximum Height: 30 to 46 in.
Music Stand Width: 15 in.

Dual Light

Mighty Bright Xtraflex Duet LED Music Stand Light
Small and Bright. Duel lights for more coverage.

The Mighty Bright Xtraflex Duet LED features bright LEDs with extra smooth and even illumination due to a special lens. This music stand light is energy efficient, and powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included). The LED bulb never needs replacing. The Extra Flex clips on to almost anything, from music to microphone stands and may be used as a handy freestanding task lamp as well.

Extra battery life - up to 40 hours (3 x AAA not included)

Extra page coverage

Extra lightweight

Extra strong book clip grips almost anything or use free standing as a task light

Special Lens spreads light evenly with no hot spots

Easily bends to compact position for storage

Bend arm to point in any direction at any time

Key Uses: Music Stands, Keyboard & Amp stands, Piano Music Racks, Instrument Lyres, Mixing Boards, Light Boards, DJ uses, Guitar Tech uses, Backstage uses, Practice/Recitals/School/Marching Bands/Orchestras/Gigs

Single Flex

Mighty Bright Xtraflex Super LED Music Stand Light
Small and Bright. Batteries included.

The Mighty Bright Xtraflex Super LED features a super bright LED with extra smooth and even illumination due to a special lens over the single super LED (light emitting diode) which is as bright as 3 regular LEDs. This music stand light is energy efficient, and powered by 3 AAA batteries (included). The LED bulb never needs replacing. The Extra Flex clips on to almost anything, from music to microphone stands and may be used as a handy freestanding task lamp as well.

Batteries included (3AAA's)

Extra battery life -- up to 40 hours

Extra page coverage

Extra lightweight

Extra strong book clip grips almost anything or use free standing as a task light

Special Lens spreads light evenly with no hot spots

Easily bends to compact position for storage

Bend arm to point in any direction at any time

Super LED as bright as 3 regular LEDs and never needs replacing

Arm Light

Mighty Bright Triple LED Music Stand Light
Portable clip-on light featuring ultra white, state-of-the-art LEDs.

The Mighty Bright Triple LED Music Stand Light is a portable clip-on light featuring ultra white, state-of-the-art LEDs that never need replacement. This music stand light has the added advantage of a lensing property that spreads the light out evenly. It clips on to the music stand, piano or anywhere.

It is ideal for dark clubs, schools, concert halls, etc. The Triple ELD is also great as a freestanding table lamp.

A protective GIG BAG is included. The lamp is compact, fully adjustable with an arm that collapses.

The Mighty Bright Triple LED Music Stand Light is powered by three AAA batteries or by an available A/C adapter, sold separately.

Shure ULXS24BETA87A UHF Wireless System with Beta 87A Microphone


System Includes: ULXS4 Standard Diversity Receiver, ULX2/BETA87A Handheld Transmitter with BETA 87A Microphone.

ULX Standard UHF systems represent a breakthrough in performance and price for both working musicians and professional sound installers. Multiple system configurations provide limitless options, each with a choice of legendary Shure microphone transmitters. Over 1400 selectable, pre-programmed frequencies are available, and Automatic Frequency Selection provides a straight shot to a clear channel.

About ULX Series
Shure's ULX Series is wireless the way it should be - simple, agile, and bulletproof solutions that are affordable for working musicians and professional sound installers. Wireless traffic jamming your transmissions? The frequency agile ULX features Automatic Frequency Selection finds open frequencies for you. Whether ULX Standard or Professional Series Systems, the clear channels and strong transmission free you to concentrate on what matters most - your sound.


Beta87A Handheld Mic

ULXS4 Diversity Receiver

Automatic Frequency Selection

Over 1400 selectable frequencies

Predictive Diversity

RF presence LED

5'segment audio meter

3'segment transmitter battery fuel gauge

Multifunction LCD

1/2 rack design

Detachable 1/4 wave antennas

Durable plastic chassis

Locking DC connector

XLR and 1/4 in. outputs

Mic/line switchable

Technical Info
Channel Frequencies
Channel J1: 554 to 590 MHz
Channel M1: 662 to 698 MHz

RF Carrier Frequency Range: 554.000 to 865.000 MHz (Available frequencies depend on the applicable regulations in the country where the system is used).
Refer to the frequency supplement supplied with the system.

Effective Range: 100 m (300 ft.) under optimal conditions
NOTE: Actual working range depends on RF signal absorption, reflection, and interference

Audio Frequency Response: 25 to 15,000 Hz, ?2 dB
NOTE: Overall system frequency response depends on the microphone element.
*Output Level: Microphone Level = Line Level - 20 dB

Transmitter Audio Polarity: Positive pressure on microphone diaphragm (or positive volt-age applied to tip of WA302 phone plug) produces positive voltage on pin 2 (with respect to pin 3 of low impedance output) and the tip of the high impedance 1 / 4 -inch output

Transmitter Gain Adjustment Range ULX2: 25 dB

Receiver Audio Output Level (+/-38 kHz deviation, 1 kHz tone):
XLR connector (into 600 ohm load): +3.9 dBV (line), -17dBV mic
? in. connector (into 3000 ohm load): -2 dBV

Impedance: ULXS4 (output): 50 ohms at line level; 2000 ohms at mic level

+/-38 kHz deviation compressor-expander system with pre- and de-emphasis

FR Power output: ULX2: 30 mW maximum

Dynamic Range: >100 dB, A-weighted

RF Sensitivity: 1.26 uV for 12 dB SINAD (typical)

Image Rejection: 80 dB typical

Spurious Rejection: 75 dB typical

Ultimate Quieting (reference +/-38 kHz deviation): >105 dB, A-weighted

System Distortion (reference +/-38 kHz deviation, 1 kHz modulation):
0.3% total harmonic distortion, typical

Power Requirements:
ULX2: 9V alkaline battery (Duracell MN1604 recommended); 8.4V Nicad optional
ULXS4: 14-18 VDC (negative ground), 550 mA

Battery Life:
8 to 9 hours (with 9V Duracell MN1604 alkaline battery)

Operating Temperature Range:
-20 to 49 degrees C (-4 to 120 degrees F)
Note: Battery characteristics may limit this range

Overall Dimensions:
ULX2/87, ULX2/BETA 87: 216 mm L x 51 mm Dia. (8.5 x 2 in.)
ULX4S: 43 mm H x 214 mm W x 163 mm D (1.72 in. x 8.56 in. x 6.52 in.)

Net Weight:
ULX2/87, ULX2/Beta 87: 193 g (6.8 oz.) without battery
ULXS4: 1049 g (2 lbs, 5 oz.)

Cakewalk SONAR Producer Recording Software (Windows)



Developed for musicians by musicians

Record, edit, and mix unlimited tracks with the best audio quality in the industry—64-bit end to end

Create music with Cakewalk’s Z3TA+, Dimension LE, and Rapture LE; Roland’s GrooveSynth and TTS-1; and 8 more instruments

Get searing guitar tones with ReValver MK II SE, amazing ambience with Perfect Space Convolution Reverb, and lift, punch and warmth with VC-64 Vintage Channel – 34 FX in all

Deliver polished final tracks with Boost 11 Peak Limiter, and LP-64 EQ & LP-64 Multiband linear phase mastering plug-ins

Sophisticated mixing with flexible bussing, internal sidechaining, and automatic plug-in delay compensation for both internal plug-ins and outboard hardware effects

Use AudioSnap to non-destructively fix audio timing, make instant tempo changes,
and lock tracks into the same groove

Fix pitch, phrasing, and dynamics of vocals and create harmonies with Roland
V-Vocal 1.5—now with pitch to MIDI conversion

Get total control of your instruments, effects, and mix with Active Controller Technology

Assemble a perfect take with intuitive comping and editing tools

Build backing tracks with ACID™-format loops, MIDI Groove Clips, Session Drummer 2, and RXP REX groovebox

Works with any Windows-compatible ASIO or WDM audio hardware, multiple control surfaces, DSP cards, multicore and multiprocessor PCs (8 cores and beyond), and DirectX, VST, and ReWire plug-ins

Compatible with Windows XP & Vista (both 32- & 64-Bit), run SONAR on 32-bit or
64-bit PCs or an Intel-based Mac (requires Bootcamp)

Backed by the best customer service in the industry, regular updates, and affordable upgrades.

Cakewalk SONAR Home Studio XL (Windows)
Key Features

Create & Record
64 audio tracks and unlimited MIDI tracks

Record your whole band with support for multi-input audio interfaces

Pristine audio quality up to 24-bit/192kHz

Start your projects faster with Track Presets and Project Templates

Use ACID™-format loop library to create backing tracks

Includes real, playable instrument sounds: drums, bass, guitar, keys, orchestral, and more

Expand your studio with VST and DX synths and effects, and ReWire™ compatible applications including Project5™, Kinetic™, and Reason™

The Synth Rack provides a control center for all of your virtual instruments

MIDI Input Quantize corrects your MIDI performance as you record

Arrange & Edit
Edit Audio and MIDI from one central view

Edit and print music notation

Powerful non-destructive editing: fades and crossfades, multi-clip editing, slip editing, more

Organize your projects with Track Folders and Track Icons

Freeze instruments and effects to save CPU power

Zero in on edits and navigate quickly with Fast Zoom

Score soundtracks with video thumbnails and video window

Easy-to-use controls can be customized to suit your way of working

Mix & Share
Responsive mixing with a 32-bit floating point audio engine

Automate your mix on the fly with powerful automation tools

On-screen mixing console with integrated Sonitus:fx EQ on every track

Mix your tracks with professional effects including reverb, delay, dynamics, modulation effects, tape, amp simulation, and more

Use your keyboard or other MIDI control surfaces to control effects, instruments and your mix with ACT (Active Controller Technology)

Export your mix: WAV, ACID-format WAV, AVI, MIDI, MP3 (30-day trial MP3 Encoder included), Windows Media Audio (WMA), and Windows Media Video (WMV)

Upload your songs to the Web and build your own song player for your website, MySpace page and more with Cakewalk Publisher

Burn your mix directly to CD

1. Easy as Plug-n-Play
Recording any instrument is easy. Just plug in, check your levels, and hit record. Confidence Recording will draw the audio on screen as you record so you know you're getting the take. Hear internal effects on input, even while you record. If you need help getting a project started, use Track Presets for access to hundreds of sounds that will help ignite your creativity. Once you have recorded your tracks, you can visually arrange, edit, and mix your music with point-and-click ease—all in one view.

2. Create Backing Tracks Fast
Create backing tracks in a matter of seconds. Find the perfect loop or sample in DropZone or the Loop Explorer, then click and drag it to start building your arrangement. You can chop up your beats, add dynamics, and create remixes with just a few clicks of the mouse. The enhanced Loop Construction View allows you to take control of your loops—tweak the pitch, pan, and gain of slices in any ACID™-format loop.

3. Edit with Powerful Tools
Edit and arrange audio and MIDI together in one view with simple tools that give powerful results. Zoom in and make pinpoint edits to your project. Change the tempo and pitch; normalize or reverse the audio; preview, move, extend, or cut certain sections; add track envelopes. Use many of the same powerful features found in SONAR Producer Edition including multi-clip edits, loop-rolling, fade drawing, and more. And with SONAR Home Studio 6 you can feel free to experiment with non-destructive editing and unlimited undo/redo.

4. Mix & Share Your Music
Mixing in SONAR Home Studio 6 is easy with Track Icons—no more guessing which track contains guitar or which track has the vocals. Mute, Solo, Pan, and change the Gain all in one view to achieve the best mix. Add effects to your mix, and A/B them with just a click of a button. Professional metering provides the visual feedback you need for better real-time mixing. Mix in a more traditional studio console view or use your own control surface hardware to get the feel of real knobs and faders.

Create & Record
Audio & MIDI Recording
Everything is laid out in an intuitive interface that lets you quickly record, edit, arrange, and mix your music. Record guitars, keyboards, vocals, live turntable scratches, CD samples, or any other sound. Even correct timing of MIDI performances while you play with Input Quantize. SONAR Home Studio puts it all together seamlessly.

Enhanced Synth Rack
Use the new Synth Rack to control the VSTi and DXi instruments in your project from one easy to manage window. Find instruments quickly with customizable Synth Icons and display customized controls for each instrument, putting the most needed controls right at your fingertips. Get more synth sounds by patching Project5™, Kinetic™, Reason™, ReBirth™, and other ReWire compatible synths.

SONAR Home Studio 6 includes four new instruments with thousands of sounds ranging from drums, bass, and guitar to keys, horns, and strings. Spark your creativity and layer your tracks using these new instruments:

-- DropZone Drag-n-Drop Sampler—Perfect for creating remixes or for building the perfect hook for your song. Includes real instrument sounds, drums, vocals, REX-format loops, and more.

-- Roland GrooveSynth—Get sounds from the classic Roland synths and beat boxes that shaped hip hop and electronica.

-- TTS-1 GM2 synth—A high quality, multitimbral, multi-out GM2 synthesizer with a Roland® synth engine to generate amazing, expressive sounds. Includes high quality reverb, chorus, delay, and EQ

-- Square 1—An easy-to-use vintage analog synthesizer, oriented to the serious music enthusiast. High quality sound with a warm and easy layout, perfect to learn synth programming.

Arrange & Edit
Just drag and drop a sample into DropZone, and make it part of your beat. Perfect for creating remixes or for building the perfect hook for your song. Includes real instrument sounds, drums, vocals, REX-format loops, and more. You can also preview ACID™-format loops in the tempo and key of your song, and quickly drag them into your project to create layers of tracks.

Video Soundtracks
SONAR Home Studio provides a fast and effective way to create, edit, and dub soundtracks for digital video files. Just use SONAR Home Studio to import and sync any Windows AVI or MPEG video. With video thumbnails and easy video export, you can quickly score, edit, and share soundtracks and sound effects for band videos or home movies.

Music Notation
SONAR Home Studio integrates notation tools that allow you to create and print your own musical scores. Record and transcribe performances using any MIDI instrument, or just point and click to edit notes directly on the staff. Print up to 24 staves per page, with chord charts and symbols, lyrics, dynamic markings, and more.

Mix & Share
Make your tracks shine with studio-quality effects. SONAR Home Studio 6 has you covered with 10 new effects that can be used to mix your tracks or can be used while you record, in real-time. Effects include:
-- Sonitus:fx EQ integrated into every track
-- Alias Factor
-- Tempo sync modulation filter
-- Tempo sync delay
-- High frequency exciter
-- Tempo syncing classic phaser with feedback
-- Studio reverb
-- Multi-voice chorus/flanger
-- 2-band parametric EQ
-- Compressor/gate

Active Controller Technology
Using your favorite MIDI controller or control surface has never been easier with new Active Controller Technology (ACT). Easily control and automate effects, instruments, volume, pan, and their mix from MIDI controllers by automatically remapping controls to whatever has the focus. It includes templates for some of the most popular MIDI controllers and control surfaces on the market today.

Share Your Music
SONAR Home Studio 6 introduces Cakewalk Publisher, an innovative new tool that helps users publish and present their music online. Cakewalk Publisher allows SONAR Home Studio customers to create a customized, online, streaming music player with playlists of their music that can then be directly uploaded from SONAR Home Studio to band websites, MySpace pages, and other Internet sites.

SONAR Home Studio XL Exclusives
SONAR Home Studio XL adds exceptional value and more power with a selection of over one gigabyte of instrument sounds, Boost 11 Peak Limiter, Dimension LE, Session Drummer 2 drum instrument, and more.

Boost 11 Peak Limiter
Get more volume and punch from your final mix with this easy to use limiter/maximizer. Boost 11 gives you professional results with a simple to use interface.

The Boost 11 Peak Limiter provides transparent peak limiting and volume maximization without coloring the sound of the source material. Boost 11 employs a "look-ahead" limiter algorithm to prevent output clipping and PDR (Program Dependent Release) to minimize pumping (fluctuations of the volume) and maximize the loudness.

Boost 11's features include:
-- Look-ahead peak detection prevents clipping
-- Program dependent Release minimizes pumping
-- Dynamic waveform displays of input vs. output
-- Stereo peak and RMS input/output meters
-- Operation at sampling rates up to 192 kHz
-- 64-bit double precision signal path
-- VST Automation

Dimension LE
A special version of the acclaimed synth from Cakewalk. Features over 400 sound programs, ranging from real bass, organ and electric piano samples to cutting-edge synth sounds and rhythmic grooves.

Dimension LE is powered by Cakewalk's Expression Engine providing several types of synthesis capabilities including multi-sample rendering, wavetable synthesis, waveguide synthesis, and, REX playback and manipulation; also includes an extensive DSP library of effects, with over 400 sound programs, ranging from real bass, organ and electric piano samples to cutting-edge synth sounds and rhythmic grooves.

Garritan Pocket Orchestra
Expands Dimension LE with more instrument sounds from the industry's standard bearer of quality for orchestral instrument libraries. This special edition of the Garritan Pocket Orchestra expressively, programmed for Dimension LE features orchestral instrument libraries of unrivaled quality that include strings, brass, woodwinds, keyboards, and percussion sounds.

Session Drummer 2
Create the perfect drum track for any project. Build a foundation for your song with Session Drummer 2's customizable drum kits. Play drums or trigger built in live-feel patterns from your MIDI controller for ultimate control.

Session Drummer 2 was designed from the ground up to provide the fastest way to create inspiring, realistic drum tracks. Session Drummer 2 includes real, multi-sampled drum kits paired with professionally recorded drum and MIDI patterns from Smart Loops, an industry leader in rhythm content. You can build an accompaniment by simply loading a drum kit and dragging and dropping patterns into your project. You can also play patterns or individual drums from any MIDI controller to perform their own drum tracks. Session Drummer 2 also provides the flexibility of custom drum kits, which can be built by loading individual components on pads (including the user's own WAV, AIFF, or OGG format samples) and then adjusting volume, pan, width, and tuning on each drum.

Video Tutorials
Get Started Quickly
SONAR Home Studio is easy-to-use and will get you down to the business of making music in no time. Use Track Presets, Project Templates, and the Quick Start guide to help you get a project started. In addition, you also get unparalleled free customer service and access to an online user community.

SONAR Home Studio 6 also includes video tutorials, which are included on the first disc, and are also available below. The player below streams through 14 Videos on SONAR 6 Home Studio, with the last 3 videos covering SONAR Home Studio 6 XL Exclusives.


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