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Shure SM57 Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

Shure SM57 Microphone

Frequency response: 40 to 15,000 Hz.
Cardioid (unidirectional) dynamic.

Legendary Shure Quality!

No microphone locker is complete without a generous selection of SM57's.  Great for live-sound or studio recording, it is one of the most popular mics in the world for faithfully capturing audio from any vocal- or instrument-source.  You can trust Shure's legendary reputation to deliver professional results on all of your audio projects.

The Most popular Snare Mic Ever

The SM57 is a dynamic microphone that can handle the highest Sound Pressure Levels (SPL) without distortion.  As a result, it is often picked first for high-volume instrument sources.  Countless hit recordings feature an SM-57 on the top snare head, with a second SM-57 run out-of-phase on the bottom.  This technique will give you a fat, snappy tone with plenty of stick-crack and snare-buzz.  You can blend the two mics in the mix to get just the right back-beat for your song.

Perfect For High-Volume Amplifiers

Guitar amplifiers are another SM-57-friendly sound source.  It takes some major gain to overdrive a high-wattage tube amp.  In fact, recording studios will often isolate a half-stack because recording-volumes can be painful to the ears.  Your SM-57 can handle it, though.  Close-mic one of the 12-inch speakers and you'll get a clear, precise guitar tone that will cut through any mix.  You'll bring the energy of a live performance to your recorded guitar tracks, for a much more accurate interpretation of your music.

Custom-Tuned Frequency Response

While snare drums and guitar cabinets are two of its strengths, the SM-57 has a custom-tuned frequency response from 40Hz - 15KHz to reproduce any sound source with professional quality.  Tapered bass roll-off from around 750Hz removes the boominess from vocals and instruments alike, with a ruler-flat response up to 3kHz. Enhanced definition up around the 6- to 10-kHz range brings brilliance and clarity to upper harmonics, adding sparkle to the top of your mix.  It's hard to believe how something so simple as the proper microphone can have such a positive impact on your final product, but one listen to the SM-57 and you'll be a believer.

Cardioid Pickup Pattern

Today's multitrack recording techniques often rely on good separation between recorded tracks.  If one instrument is bleeding over onto another's track, it can be difficult to mix the two properly.  The SM-57 uses a cardioid pickup pattern to focus on a specific sound source.  Audio from outside the pickup pattern is rejected for clean, isolated studio recordings.  The unidirectional pattern is also beneficial in a live-sound setting.  You have more freedom in mic positioning, letting you boost microphone gain much higher without worrying about feedback.  Don't be surprised when other sound techs start asking you for tips.  Tell them you were born with magic ears.

Durable And Reliable

Professional sound quality is only part of the story.  The SM-57's rock-solid reliability is just as impressive.  After all, what good is a "go-to" microphone if it's not ready when "gone-to"?  The die-cast steel casing protects internal components from damage, with Shure's patented internal shockmount to reduce mechanical noise caused by handling or room-vibration.  A polycarbonate grille shields the stainless steel dynamic element from the rough treatment typically inflicted upon a touring microphone.  Gig after gig, session after session, you can count on your SM57 to perform just like the first time you plug it in.

The Drop Test And The President

As with all mics in the SM series, the -57 has passed Shure's now-famous drop test.  The prototype was dropped ten times from a height of ten feet with no loss of performance.  Hopefully your mics won't suffer that kind of torture, but isn't it nice to know they can?  For further proof of its reliability, look no further than the White House.  A slim, unobtrusive SM-57 has perched atop the Presidential podium for more than thirty years, delivering the goods with workhorse-consistency.  The next time you bump into the leader of the free world, you can tell him you use the same microphone.  He's sure to be impressed.

Shure SM58 Dynamic Handheld Microphone

Shure SM58 Microphone

Frequency Response Tailored For Vocals.
Built-in Spherical Wind and Pop Filter.
Cardioid Polar Pattern.

Shure's Most Famous Microphone!

For more than 40 years, Shure's SM58 has been the "go-to" microphone for musicians, producers, and sound-engineers around the world. No other mic in your arsenal can match its legendary reputation for great sound and rugged dependability. With an SM58 on the stage, you can forget about the microphone and concentrate on your performance.

Engineered For Great Sounding Vocals

The SM58 features specially tuned midrange response for boosted presence in your vocal tracks.  While some mics cause vocals to get lost in the mix, the SM58 cuts through the instrumental tracks and positions the singer right out in front.  Your music will gain the crisp focus that separates the professionals from the hobbyists.

Special Technology For Quiet Operation

Shure's unique spherical filter brings smoothness and clarity to both lead- and backing-vocals.  Wind and breath sounds are minimized, cutting down on ambient noise that can ruin recorded tracks and possibly damage live sound equipment.  A tried-and-true internal shockmount also cleans up your performance by reducing handling noise. Those loud creaks and pops that result from pulling the mic out of its clip or adjusting its position can be completely avoided.  Plus, floor vibrations won't enter the signal stream when the SM58 is mounted on a stand.  Clean tracks always sit better in the mix, giving them their own space and texture. You'll be surprised at what pops out of your performance once the unwanted noise is gone.

Unidirectional Pickup

Live sound stages and recording studios both rely on good microphone isolation for quality results. If one audio source bleeds over into another, it's hard to know what to fix and how to fix it.  Fortunately, Shure SM58s have a unidirectional, cardioid pickup pattern for outstanding aiming control.  Since sounds outside the pickup pattern are automatically rejected, you can position the mic to only "hear" your intended audio source.  In the studio, you'll have clean, separated tracks for faster editing.  On stage, you can be sure your input levels are strong without worrying about feedback.  Either way, your project just got a whole lot easier.  Shure includes a 180-degree rotating mic clip to help you get perfect mic placement, every time.

Legendary Durability

The SM58's tank-like durability has reached mythic status in the music world.  Veteran rockers love to tell the tale of how they hammered the stage together with their SM58, then sang through the whole gig without missing a beat.  You'll be a part of the legend when you grasp the perfectly balanced die-cast metal handle and raise the rigid steel mesh grille up to your lips.  It's hard not to feel the weight of all that music history when you realize your favorite artists hefted that same handle, delivering their lyrics through that same mesh grille.

The Drop Test

Nostalgic sentiment is nice, but how about some cold, hard evidence?  The SM58 met and conquered Shure's famous "drop test," falling ten times from a height of ten feet with no drop in performance!  We all know what happens at the live show.  The energy is high, people are jumping around, and your mic stand is bound to get bumped.  It's nice to know you can pick it up, dust it off, and get right back into the moment.  Nothing will kill the vibe faster than telling the crowd to hang on a minute while you swap out equipment.  With an SM58, you never have to stop!

Affordable Quality

Shure knows their audience, and they priced the SM58 accordingly.  At this musician-friendly price, you can outfit the whole stage without breaking your tour- or studio-budget.  Use the savings to try and find other gear that performs as well as the SM58, if you can.

Midi to USB

M-Audio MIDISport UNO MIDI Interface with Cables and Connectors

1x1 MIDI interface that is totally portable, hot-swappable, and powered completely by your computer's USB port.  Drivers support all Windows operating systems 98SE and higher, as well as Macintosh OS 9 and Mac OS X.

Length: 10 ft.

Mac OS X Core MIDI

Minimum System Requirements (PC)
Windows 98SE / Me / 2000 (SP4) / XP (SP1 or higher)*
* Home and Professional Edition only. Windows Media Center Edition is not currently supported.

Minimum System Requirements (Mac)
OS X 10.1.5 or greater

Midi Cable

Hosa USB to MIDI Cable

Connecting your MIDI equipment to your computer's USB port has never been easier. Simply load the included driver and connect the cables -- it's that easy! For Windows only. Not compatible with Macintosh at this time.

System requirements:
-- Computer: IBM PC or compatible, with Windows compatible SVGA display and 16-bit soundcard.

-- Processor: Pentium II class 233 MHz processor (400MHz for Windows 2000/XP)

-- RAM: Windows 98/Me 64 MB RAM, Windows 2000/XP 128 MB RAM

-- Hard drive: 16 MB of hard disc space

-- Operating system: Windows 98, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Home and Professional

-- CD-ROM drive: a 16X or faster CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive

-- MIDI music keyboard: (or controller) required

-- USB port: required

-- Internet access: required

-- Recommended: Pentium II class 400 MHz processor (700 MHz for Windows 2000/XP) Windows 98/Me 128 MB RAM, Windows 2000/XP 256 MB RAM

Regular midi cables

SignalFlex MIDI Cable

Two 5-pin din plugs.

SignalFlex high-quality, low-priced import cables are the finest low-noise polymer cables available. This is a straight, Black MIDI cable with two 5-pin din plugs and molded ends.


Hosa MIDI Coupler

Extend your MIDI cables

Adapt and survive! Hosa's comprehensive adapter line offers solutions to connectivity problems you encounter on stage and in the studio. Think connecting a MIDI male plug to another MIDI male plug is impossible, wrong, or unnatural? Not anymore!! With this small, but useful item, you can extend your MIDI cables to unnatural lengths!

M-Audio MobilePre USB Interface with Microphone Preamp
M-Audio Mobile PreUsb
2 XLR inputs, 2 1/4 in. unbalanced outputs.  48v Phantom power.

MAudio MobilePre 2x2 16-Bit 48kHz USB Interface with Microphone Preamp

MobilePre USB is the perfect audio interface and preamp for your laptop recording needs.  A total of three kinds of audio inputs and outputs provide maximum flexibility for any application—including two on-board microphone/instrument preamps and high-impedance instrument inputs ideal for connecting guitars and basses.  MobilePre USB is completely bus-powered so you can take it anywhere you need to record and play music—including field recording and sampling expeditions with your laptop. (Of course, you can use it on the desktop as well.)  And, M Audio's zero-latency direct monitoring provides you with an easy and professional recording experience.


2 x 2 USB audio interface

Ideal for mobile operation

2 microphone inputs (XLR balanced) with 48v phantom power

Stereo microphone input (1/8 in.)

2 high-impedance instrument/line inputs (1/4 in. balanced)

2 analog outputs (unbalanced 1/4 in. @ -10dBv)

Stereo line output (1/8 in.)

Stereo headphone output (1/8 in.) with level control knob

Gain control knob for each input channel (+40 dB max)

Zero-latency hardware direct monitoring with software level control

Mono/stereo direct monitoring

USB-powered (no wall wart or batteries needed)

M-Audio USB solutions are the shortest path between inspiration and final tracks.  Their advanced technology and seamless driver support allow musicians to take advantage of pristine sound quality with plug-and-play ease.  No PCI card installation, no muss or fuss.  M-Audio's USB drivers also let you independently scale bit depth and sample rate (up to 96k) to deliver the lowest USB latency anywhere.

Whether you use Mac or PC, M-Audio's USB solutions offer affordable, high performance recording, playback and performance solutions for today’s compact, mobile musicians.  And once you experience a laptop-based virtual studio running with an M-Audio USB interface, you'll wonder how you ever made music any other way.  The killer rig now even fits in a backpack so you can make music on your own terms—anywhere, anytime.

Technical Description

Audio Performance Specifications

Resolution: 16-bit
Sampling frequencies (kHz): 8, 9.6, 11.025, 12, 16, 22.05, 24, 32, 44.1, 48
Signal-to-noise ratio: 101dB (typical, A-weighted)
Dynamic range: 101dB (typical, -60dB input, A-weighted)
THD: .00199%

Minimum System Requirements

Pentium II 300 MHz, 64 MB RAM, Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
Mac G3 or G4 with native USB support, 64 MB RAM, Mac OS 9.1 or greater or OS X

Driver Features

Bit-Depth Supported: 16-bit, Input & Output
Hardware Direct Monitoring: Zero Latency w/ Software Level Control (Stereo or Channel 1 Mono path, Software-set)
Record & Play Outputs and Direct Monitor (Thru) Levels: Software-controlled (Mute & +12 to -50 dB, in 2 dB steps)
Master Output Volume Control: Software-controlled (Mute & 0 to -62 dB, in 2 dB steps)

***All MAudio USB products send or receive version 1.0 USB information but can be used with version 2.0, though will not take advantage of the additional 2.0 benefits.


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