"Hey look!  I see good food down there!  Yummy!"Tweety Bird

What Makes a Bad Seed Mix?

A good mix is not your run of the mill type of bird
seed typically found at the grocery store.
The grocery store type of mix is usually high
in "filler" type seed.  Filler type seed means that
the mix has a high content of white millet, cracked corn,
and all the cheap stuff that the birds tend to throw out
on the ground.  You know, that stuff that causes
you a big mess that you get so upset over.

 What Does a Good Mix Have?

A good mix will have a high concentration of black
oilers in it.  The term "black oilers" is just another
way of saying sunflower seeds.  They are the
small black sunflower seeds, not the large striped
ones.  The small black oilers have a higher oil content
in them, over 40%, and are better in nutritional value for
the birds.  Black oilers should make up 75% of the
seeds that you offer the birds.  Black oilers are
the winner because they appeal to over 40
different species of birds!

So What's in a Good Seed Mix?

All kinds of good stuff!  All the right stuff to
attract the widest variety of birds to your feeders.
 First, it will be rich in black oilers.  Yes, lots and lots of
black oilers.  No skimping here!  Then there is just the
right mixture of stripe sunflowers, safflower,
white millet, hulled sunflowers, peanut pieces,
and a little cracked corn.
Take a look at the diagram below to see how a good mix works:
Cardinal Cartoon

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