Revlon Doll Accessories

closeups of some of the items that came with the dolls, outfits or separately
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LMR Outfit boxes -gold on left was earliest outfit box
LMR booklet that came
with each doll & showed
46 numbered outfits
LMR doll stand
LMR Hangers #9286
LMR Travel Cases #9289 - came in blue & black
LMR & Crown Princess Doll Boxes - earliest box was
fleur de lis, next was diamond box, then store front box
with doll in Princess Outfit
LMR Hat for Bridesmaids
#9171 & #9363
LMR Hat to #9030
-from the private
collection of Gail Gavit
LMR Hat to #9117
Visiting Outfit
LMR Hat to #9142
LMR Cap for #9256 Nurse - another version has a red cross applique instead of the stripe
LMR Hat to #9130 Sailor
LMR Hat to #9141 Sunday Outfit from the private collection of Colleen Thompson
LMR Hat to #9118
LMR Hat to #9036 Brown Coat
LMR Hat to #9037 Orange Dress & #9425 Check Bolero Outfit
LMR Hat to #9143
Sheath Outfit
LMR Coolie Hat for #9204 & #9205 Coolie Beach Outfits -the same style w/ yellow edge came with #9060 3 pc Play Outfit & w/ white edge for #9211 Sunsuit
LMR Coolie Hat for #9205 Coolie Beach Outfit -another version that sometimes came with this outfit
LMR Hats to #9209 Jeans Outfit -2 versions -these hats are rigid plastic -hat on right has sometimes been seen in pink
LMR Bonnet for #9216 Sun Dress Outfit
LMR Hat to #9240 Checked Coat -this is a woven fabric, soft & pliable, unlike jeans hats
LMR Hat to 9254 - 5 pc
2 versions of LMR Hat to #9255 Redingoat Outfit -note small red cross attaching feather to hat in right photo which is identical to cross holding feather on 9254 5pc suit
LMR Beret, Palette & Brush to #9257 Artist -palette is cardboard, brush has a metal handle - newly confirmed; beret for #9051 Scotch Dress is made the same way
LMR Hat to#9355 Shirtwaist -headband matches each color outfit
LMR Hat to #9356 Play Outfit -color of headband matches each outfit -from the private collection of
Colleen Thompson
LMR Hat to #9358
Taffeta Suit
LMR Hat to #9359 Velvet &
Nylon Party Dress
-from the private collection
of Colleen Thompson
LMR Headband Hat to #9360-9 Skater
LMR Hat to #9427-6 Felt Coat
LMR Skates to Ice Skating Outfits #9030 & #9360-9
Miss Revlon Doll Boxes - the early boxes were diamond, later were black/white stripe, all but the very earliest had this cover
LMR Scarf & Tote for #9352 Raincoat
LMR Sash to #9061 Toreador
-hemmed satin about 1 1/2" X 12"
-came in yellow, blue, red & green
LMR Tote for
Raincoat #9252
LMR Boots for
Raincoat #9252
LMR Purse for Princess (& same for Sheath Oufit except black) -2 layers of felt folded along bottom edge
LMR Pink Mirror
to Hostess
Outfit #9176
LMR Fur Pieces to #9361 Velvet Flared Coat
MR Fur Stole to Queen of
Diamonds Outfits
-note hook & eye closure 2" up from ends
MR Hats to Cherries A La Mode Outfits -each has a round elastic cord inside to hold it on the doll's head
LMR Veil for #9170 Debutante Bride from the private collection of Colleen Thompson
LMR Hat for #9431-8 Velvet Cocktail Suit
Jewelry for Revlon Dolls
--All LMR's came with single drop pearl earrings like those in center of top right photo, although a few have been found with double pearl earrings
--Larger dolls in Queen of Diamonds outfits (& Glamour Dolls) came with rhinestone earrings, rings & necklaces (green background photos) (these were made with very poor quality metal & often turn the vinyl green, so I recommend you not keep the necklaces on the doll - for display, I usually replace them with human tennis bracelets made with higher quality metal)
--Larger dolls in most other outfits came with pearl jewelry
--There doesn't seem to be a pattern in terms of what type of pearl earrings came with what size larger dolls
LMR curlers that came
with #9249 Negligee (1 1/2" long)
LMR glasses - most were
style on right
LMR shoes & nylons #9284-
"hatbox" style container which
held 2 pair nylons & 2 pair shoes
LMR Hatbox #9287-
larger than shoe
container on right &
note black handle
Miss Revlon larger doll shoes
--the top row left shoes are the standard criss-cross elastic shoe found on most 18"-22" dolls (in white on the bride dolls)
--the second pair of shoes were on Deb dolls & some 15" dolls in white or black
--the gold criss-cross shoes are original with some Sears dolls, including the two 25" dolls of which I have photos
--the 2 pairs of white shoes on the far right are 15" size shoes - the left ones are original & the right ones may or may not be original but are identical to ones often found on LMR dolls
--the slip on mule style is very commonly found, in many colors, on all sizes of the larger dolls but especially 15", but they're probably not original Ideal
Little Miss Revlon Shoes
It's possible that the left ones are the only true Ideal LMR
shoes but the right ones are very commonly found on LMRs
--elastic criss cross shoes are NEVER original LMR shoes
LMR Bra & Girdle that
came with every doll
LMR Panties that came with
5 outfits (see page 3 - LMR
outfits text list)
LMR Petticoats
--2 on near right came in a box as #9280 (pink w/ white trim & white w/ pink trim)
--black edge came w/ Sunday Outfit
--turquoise edge came w/ Traveling
--red edge came w/ Calypso & Visiting
--pink/blue edge came w/ Princess
--long all white came with Bridal gowns
--long black edged petticoat came with Debutante Gown
Miss Revlon Underwear
** peachy pink taffeta panties that came with most dresses
--with a very few outfits, white was used but this pink color came with navy petticoats (which are now some shade of red) in the navy nylon Cherries A La Mode outfits

**peachy pink taffeta & net petticoat that came with most dresses
--also came in white & navy occasionally, when skirt was ransparent & required same color petticoat (most navy petticoats have now changed color to rust or maroon)
-- some outfits had taffeta petticoats that were attached at the waist seam & didn't have the ruffle

**Miss Revlon Elastic Girdle
--came with a few outfits that I believe were sold by Sears
--my 25" doll + a couple other of my dolls came with this type of underwear

**Miss Revlon Teddy
--came on 17" Basic Dolls
--back has V shaped opening with one snap at the waist

LMR Signature Purse -came in red, black, white, blue, yellow
MR Hat to Dotted Swiss Dress
Pin to MR QOD Chintz Dress
one of the 2 tops to the 2 versions of LMR #9254 - 5 pc suit with repro cameo necklace
LMR petticoats -called crinolines
style #9280
LMR petticoats, short
LMR petticoats, long
LMR Veil to #9364 Bride - from the private collection of Colleen Thompson
Flower Headband to 9258 Ballerina