Photo Page!

Have you built a plane from some of the plans posted on this site? If you want to show off your building talents, send a picture or video link and I'll post it here.

Ace Mach None by Milt
Here is a Mach None built by Milt O.   ID that antique 1/2a engine and win a fabulous prize! Thanks Milt, nice job!
Papillon by Andy
Andrew of Wisconsin built a Papillon for Speed 400 and added some landing gear (also known as "flipper overs" on tall grass).   He likes that it is a "one of a kind" at his field and it's lack of complexity. The gear is a new addition and he likes the easy touch-and-goes.
La Stick by Andrew
And here is a La Stick built by Andy.   A TeeDee .020 makes her go (and it will go, to be sure). I have many picture of the Littlest Sticks that have been built. You can scratch build one in a few evenings if you have any building experience at all. Nice job Andrew!
All Star Biplane by Milt
Milt also built this All Star with French WW1 markings. Milt cut his own cores and it has ailerons top and bottom. Top wing is flat, bottom wing has 1/2 the plan dihedral. Engine is a Cameron .15 running WOT (no throttle). 27 ounces all up and Monokote covering. Milt says it took about 300 hours to build. (No wonder ARF's are so darn popular.) It sounds pretty aerobatic accoring to Milt's flight report. Thanks!
papillon by Rudi
From Belgium, Rudi tracked down the plans for the Papillon after seeing one in a forum video (must find that clip!). Rudi uses a Cox reed valve .049 with a tank extender for longer flights. 2 channels and sewn hinges! Rudi notes that the Papillon is a great soaring plane for its size.
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