Who Can Resist the Beauty of the Oriole?Oriole Photo

The Oriole's Arrival in Minnesota
Orioles arrive in Minnesota in May.  The males make an appearance before the females.  Males set up territories and then wait for the females to show up, calling to them in pleasant whistled songs and in bowing courtship displays.

Nest building begins and the Oriole nest is one of the most admired nests for us to view out in nature.  They resemble a hanging basket and are constructed with plant fibers.

Like Hummingbirds, Orioles also like nectar.  You can purchase an Oriole nectar feeder and you will find a wide selection of sizes and shapes.  Oriole nectar feeders are generally orange in color while the Hummingbird feeders are red.

Homemade Oriole Nectar:  Mix 1 part sugar to 6 parts water.  Prepare the solution the same way you would for hummingbirds.

Place your Oriole nectar feeders close to the trees and vegetation where you have seen the birds in your yard.  Once they start using the Oriole feeders you can slowly move them towards your home for better viewing.

Orioles also enjoy oranges.  Cut oranges in half and attach them to a tree with a nail, or set them up on your deck rail to get a better view of these colorful birds.  When you really want to spoil them set out grape jelly.  They love it and can't resist it!

You can purchase Oriole feeders that allow you to provide the nectar, orange half, and grape jelly all in one unit like the one pictured below.  I use the one below and it works very well.

Orioles at Feeder
Oriole-Fest by ACB Nature Products, Inc.

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