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Identifying a Good Bird Seed Mix
I get right down to the facts here.  You will
know which ingredients to look for and
how much of them make up a good seed
mix.  No more guess work!
Secrets to Attracting More Birds
Here's the tips and tricks of how to attract all
the birds you would like.  Follow these steps
and you will be the envy of your fellow bird
feeding friends!
Different Types of Bird Feeders
Having the right seed is not enough.  Different
birds prefer different feeders.  Here you will
learn more about bird feeders than you
probably ever cared to.
Bird Feeding Chart
Let's get specialized!  Even birds have favorite
things they like to eat.  By providing them
with specific foods you increase your chances
of attracting your favorite birds to your yard.
Bird Identification
Simple and straight forward.  New to bird-
watching and don't know what a chickadee looks like?  Click on the name and you'll see
the picture and some notes about the birds.
Binocular Tips for Bird Watching
Now that you've attracted the birds, you can't
see them as well as you'd like to?  Then grab
a pair of binoculars for close observation.  I
let you know what works for bird watching.
Hummingbird IconAttracting Hummingbirds
Who doesn't love hummingbirds?  Follow the
advice in this section and you'll be delighted
watching the aerial feats these birds perform.
Oriole IconAttracting Orioles
What a sight when you see a brightly colored
oriole!  Learn what treats these birds go crazy
over.  Then sit back and enjoy their beauty.
No Birds at Feeders?
Instead of complaining that you don't have
birds at your feeders, study this section and
you may find out why.  Birds have a few needs
and you can't just ignore them.
Squirrel Problems?
Yeah, yeah, we know how much you hate
squirrels.  Tell us something new.  If you plan
things out properly you'll cut down on your
war with these clever critters.  Start studying.
The Myth About Purple Martins
It's time to dispel some myths you've heard
about purple martins!  There are even some
product manufacturers that have mislead you
to take your hard earned money.
Birdhouse Dimensions Chart
So you want to build a bird house but you
need to know the proper dimensions to attract
the particular bird your interested in.  Good,
then this chart should help you out.

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